VR @ the Library


Our goal is to bring an Emerging Technologies Lab (ETL) online which will include a fully-functioning VR Learning/Creation hub with multiple workstations equipped with high-end PCs and VR goggles from both HTC and Oculus.

We currently have 2 Room-Scale HTC Vive stand-up stations in soundproof rooms, and 4 sit-down stations with Oculus Rift and Touch Controllers. The sit down stations are also equipped with:

  • Autodesk Revit 2017
  • Unity Game Development Platform

for Content creation and learning opportunities with VR-compatible technologies for the SFA community.

In addition to VR, we have also equipped the Lab with two Lulzbot TAZ 6 3D printers, allowing users to print 3D objects created in the lab, or found online. This service is provided at no cost to the SFA community.

The lab is currently open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Classes are welcome to attend, but Instructors should schedule at least 1 week ahead by contacting libwebdev@sfasu.edu to set up an appointment. This lab is for use by SFA Students, Faculty, and Staff over the age of 18 only. Special dispensation may be given to community members participating in SFA sponsored programs at the discretion of Web Services staff. Disruptive behavior or damaging equipment will not be tolerated, and will result in being asked to leave.

Cardboard VR Viewers

If you have received one of the Cardboard viewers from the Library, this illustration from the Unofficial Cardboard site (https://www.unofficialcardboard.com/) should assist you in assembling your viewer!

(additional QR codes for the various cardboard-alikes: http://www.hypergridbusiness.com/faq/vr-headset-qr... )

VR Resources

Stores for the main platforms

VR experiences

3D models


VR Experiences in Biology and Health

  • YouTube 360° video – In the Eyes of the Animal: Dragonfly. An artistic interpretation of how animals and insects see the world.
  • Autism TMI: Apple or Android
    A VR experience created with autistic people to show what it is like to received too much information.
  • WITHIN: Apple or Android
    Notes on Blindness – after he went blind, John Hull used sound to rediscover a rich sensory universe.
  • Discovery VR: Apple or Android
    Scroll through the app for VR experiences on Inside the Arctic Doomsday Vault.

AR Experience in Medicine

  • DAQRI Anatomy 4D: Apple or Android
    Download the app and use the printed target provided.

VR Experiences in Social Science and Journalism

VR Experiences in Art, Museums and Cultural Sites

VR and AR Experience in Building Design

  • SmartReality: Apple or Android
    Visual 3D models from 2D drawings in AR and VR. Download the app and use the printed target provided.

VR Experiences in Storytelling and Journalism

  • WITHIN: Apple or Android
    Clouds Over Sidra. An early, groundbreaking documentary work in VR.
  • WITHIN: Apple or Android
    Invasion. The award winning short animation featuring Ethan Hawke.
  • WITHIN: Apple or Android
    Kinoscope – History of Cinema – an exploration of the history of cinema.
    WITHIN: Apple or Android
    A short segment from the television series, Mr. Robot.
  • NYTVR: Apple or Android
    Lincoln in the Bardo – driven by grief, Lincoln pays a visit to the cemetery where his son was buried.

Faculty Demos