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Student Services

Library Information Network Center (LINC)

The LINC and LINC classroom can be found on the first floor. Together they provide more than 130 public, networked computers with access to a variety of research and productivity applications. Windows and Macintosh platforms are available in the LINC all on a first-come, first-served basis. The LINC also has one non-networked stations that allow users to run their own applications. Also, the LINC has two stations equipped with a scanner and the Photoshop application for creating and editing graphics. Black & white and color laser prints can be purchased on a per page basis (see current pricing below).


Our computer lab and classrooms offer a wide spectrum of applications. All networked computers provide access to the Microsoft Office suite of products as well as Internet access, the Corel WordPerfect suite and applications installed at the request of faculty. Laser printing is available from all networked stations. To assist you with software questions, books for most applications are available at the LINC desk.


The LINC offers an adaptive workstation with a screen magnifier, speech synthesizer, Braille printer, and print magnifier. Students who need assistance with using this adaptive technology should consult the LINC Help Desk.

There is also a Spectrum Optelec book magnifier located in room 107CD (in front of the Emerging Technologies/VR Lab.)

User Responsibilities

  • Equipment is intended for academic purposes. Individuals using the equipment for purely recreational purposes will be required to relinquish their space.
  • Users are responsible for maintaining copyright compliance with all materials used.
  • All equipment is to be used as is. Users should not attempt to reconfigure equipment to suit their personal needs.
  • Users should save their work often. CD’s and DVD’s can be purchased at the LINC desk, if necessary.
  • All equipment use must be discontinued 15 minutes before closing. The laser printing service will be discontinued 20 minutes before closing.
  • Users are responsible for any damage to equipment or software through carelessness or neglect.
  • The introduction of computer viruses or the breach of computer security systems are violations of Texas criminal law and may result in prosecution as a misdemeanor or as a felony.
  • Because the LINC is a public facility, the library cannot warrant software to be free of computer viruses and is not responsible for any damage to patron software occurring from the use of contaminated programs. Users, therefore, use software at their own risk.


The LINC has a number of printing options. Laser and Color Laser printing are available at the following rates:

Type Cost
B&W prints 0.10 cents per page
Color prints $1.00 per page

Transparency prices include the transparency sheet. Due to the heat of the laser printers, individuals cannot supply their own transparencies.

Wireless printing is now available here: https://library.sfasu.edu/PMPWeb/