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Guest Accounts

Guest accounts are issued according to the following:

  1. Non-SFA users must present a library card issued either by Steen Library or Nacogdoches Public Library, or a valid photo ID. Requests for accounts can be made at the Circulation Desk. Public guest accounts are valid only on computers in the lobby of the library.
  2. Sponsored groups or visiting classes will be assigned one guest account to be issued to the sponsor or instructor. The guest account can be used to sign in on multiple stations.
  3. Members of the Alumni Association will be assigned an alumni account which can be used on any public station in the building. Patrons must present an Alumni Association member card to qualify for an alumni account.
  4. In compliance with Steen Library policy, children under 12 years of age should be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.

Guest access to SFA’s wireless network is only available to individuals sponsored by SFA faculty or staff. Wireless accounts are not available upon request to the general public.

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