Ralph W. Steen Library provides accommodations to individuals with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. These accommodations are designed to ensure all individuals have equal opportunity and access to library programs, resources, and services. When possible, the library will provide additional accommodations for a given individual in order to ensure equal opportunity and access.

The AARC Director, M.E. McWilliams, serves as a consultant and coordinator for library services for disabled individuals. All concerns and suggestions regarding library services for the disabled should be directed to her at


The LINC Help Desk on the first floor of Ralph W.Steen Library offers assistance for the use of the following equipment and programs:

Zoomtext and Jaws

The library has ten licenses for these programs assisting the visually impaired in the following locations:

  • LINC, 4 stations on row 6 and 3 stations to the right of the LINC Help Desk.
  • LINC classroom, 2 stations
  • InfoLab 1, 2 stations
  • InfoLab 2, 2 stations
  • Library lobby, 1 station

Note: The library will support the latest version of Jaws to provide compatibility with D2L. Periodically, a lapse between versions will create a temporary incompatibility issue.

Print Magnifier

LINC, to the right of the LINC Help Desk.

Tiger Braille Printer

LINC, to the right of the LINC Help Desk.

Video Relay Service

LINC, on the right before you enter the LINC classroom.


The Research Desk

Provides access to the library catalogue, answers questions regarding library instruction, and retrieves materials for individuals with disabilities. If assistance is needed after the Research Desk is closed, the Access Services desk will assist.

Access Services

Provides assistance with photocopying including the microfilm/fiche copier. Patrons with disabilities may leave materials needing copying at the Access Services desk to be picked up later. Requests for immediate copying will be addressed in the order in which they are received. Time constraints and work load may prevent staff from completing a patron’s entire copying request immediately.

The Academic Assistance and Resource Center (AARC)

Provides priority ranking in the first week of school for students registered with the Office of Disability Services when they complete a request form for a weekly tutoring appointment for the semester. These students are also able to request a private room for their tutoring sessions when those rooms are available.