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"Bestselling author Jeff Guinn combines exhaustive research with surprising, newly discovered material to tell the real tale of two kids from a filthy Dallas slum who fell in love and then willingly traded their lives for a brief interlude of excitement and, more important, fame. "Go Down Together" has it all—true romance, rebellion against authority, bullets flying, cars crashing, and, in the end, a dramatic death at the hands of a celebrity lawman."

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Research material collected and used by Jeff Guinn for his book "Go Down Together: The True, Untold Story of Bonnie and Clyde."

Box and Folder Listing

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Folder 1:        Timelines

Folder 2:        Questioned about Howard Gouge Murder;  March 26, 1930

Folder 3:        Waco Escape; March 11, 1930

Folder 4:        Hillsboro Shooting; April 30, 1932

Folder 5:        Eugene Moore Murder; August 7, 1932

Folder 6:        Stringtown, Atoka County, Oklahoma; August 5, 1932

Folder 7:        Wharton County, Texas; August 15, 1932

Folder 8:        Howard Hall Murder; October 11, 1932

Folder 9:        Malcolm Davis Murder Grapevine, Texas; January 6, 1933

Folder 10:      Tulia and Rhome, Texas Killing and Robbery; January 1933

Folder 11:      Joplin, Missouri; April 15, 1933

Folder 12:      Wellington, Texas; June 10, 1933

Folder 13:      Alma, Arkansas; June 22, 1933

Folder 14:      Platte County, Missouri Shootout; July 19, 1933

Folder 15:      Dexfield Park, Iowa; July 24, 1933

Folder 16:      Corsicana Sighting; September 3, 1933

Folder 17:      Sowers, Dallas County, Texas Ambush; November 2, 1933

Folder 18:      Dallas County, Texas Ambush; November 22, 1933

Folder 19:      Gainesville, Texas – Car Chase; December 20, 1933

Folder 20:      Eastham Prison Break; January 16, 1934

Folder 21:      Lancaster, Texas, Robbed R.P. Henry and Sons Bank; February 27, 1934

Folder 22:      Grapevine, Texas Killing; April 1, 1934

Folder 23:      Commerce, Oklahoma; April 6, 1934

Folder 24:      Car Accident, Haslett, Texas; April 22, 1934

Folder 25:      Primary Accounts of Ambush; May 23, 1934

Folder 26:      Secondary Accounts about Ambush

Folder 27:      Coroner’s Notes and Death Certificates

Folder 28:      Funerals

Folder 29:      Harboring Trial; 1934 – 1935

Folder 30:      Cumie Barrow Shooting; September 1938

Folder 31:      Bonnie and Clyde Sightings

Folder 32:      Wanted Posters

Folder 33:      Prison Escape Attempts

Folder 34:      List of Barrow Gang Crimes

Folder 35:      Bonnie and Clyde Criminal Peers

Folder 36:      Phone Tap Transcripts

Folder 37:      Letter to Cumie Barrow from Henderson Jordan

Folder 38:      Letter to Ben Dawkins from Cumie Barrow; August 16, 1934

Folder 39:      Letter to Ben Dawkins from Henderson Jordan

Folder 40:      Letter to Hamer from Emma Parker

Folder 41:      Register Article with Clyde Letter

Folder 42:      Hamilton Letter to Baskett

Folder 43:      Clyde Letter to Henry Ford

Folder 44:      Clyde’s Letter to Mother

Folder 45:      Clemmie Methuin Letter

Folder 46:      Galveston Postcard to Frank Hamer

Folder 47:      Letter to Blanche Barrow from Salem, Missouri; 1936

Folder 48:      Bill Sloan Photos of Bonnie and Clyde (copies)

Folder 49:      Photos: Dallas City Archives, Photocopy

Folder 50:      50 and 60 Year Anniversary Newspapers of Death

Folder 51:      Aftermath, Bonnie and Clyde Memorabilia

Folder 52:      Bonnie and Clyde Articles

Folder 53:      “And the Guns Roared” by Dr. Glenn Jordan

Folder 54:      “War on Crime” by Claire Bond Potter (Chapter 4: It’s death for Bonnie and Clyde)

Folder 55:      “Killer Gang” by Ed Portley

Folder 56:      “The inside story of Bonnie Parker and the bloody Barrows” by Ed Portley

Folder 57:      “The Devil’s Emissaries” – Myron Quimby

Folder 58:      “The Literature of the American Gangster” by Patterson Smith

Folder 59:      “Bonnie and Clyde” movie

Folder 60:      Platte City Symposium Notes

Folder 61:      Running with Bonnie and Clyde: The Red Crown Symposium and Road Tour

Folder 62:      Gibsland Festival

Folder 63:      “Bonnie and Clyde Tour” Dallas, Texas

Folder 64:      Fold Medicine

Folder 65:      State Historical Markers

Folder 66:      Robin Hood (Bonnie and Clyde)

Folder 67:      Dust Bowl

Folder 68:      U.S. Route 66 in Texas: Statement of Historical Context

Folder 69:      Dallas History

Folder 70:      “Inside West Dallas,” July 1948

Folder 71:      Dallas in the 1920s and 1930s: Fashion /Daily Life; “Dallas Morning News” articles

Folder 72:      Dallas in the 1920s and 1930s; Jazz/Movies; “Dallas Morning News” articles

Folder 73:      Movies, Pre 1934

Folder 74:      State Fair of Texas

Folder 75:      Dallas in the 1920s and 1930s: Economics; “Dallas Morning News” articles

Folder 76:      Dallas in the 1920s and 1930s: Population; “Dallas Morning News” articles

Folder 77:      Farming in Texas in 1920s and 1930s; “Dallas Morning News” articles

Folder 78:      Chapters from “From Can See to Can’t: TX Cotton Farmers on the Southern Prairies” by Sitton and Utley about tenant farming

Folder 79:      “General Survey of Housing Conditions” August 1938, West Dallas

Folder 80:      Roads, Cars, Highways 1920s and 1930s

Folder 81:      Dallas in the 1920s and 1930s: Cars and Law Enforcement; “Dallas Morning News” articles

Folder 82:      Weapons

Folder 83:      Crime and Prisons

Folder 84:      Texas Prison System, 1920s; “Dallas Morning News” articles

Folder 85:      Eastham Prison Farm; “Dallas Morning News” articles, 1926-1933

Folder 86:      The Modern Texas Rangers: A Law Enforcement Dilemma in the Rio Grande Valley

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Folder 1:        Bob Alcorn, Dallas County Deputy

Folder 2:        Buck Barrow

Folder 3:        Clyde Barrow

Folder 4:        Clyde Barrow Criminal record and FBI File

Folder 5:        Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker Genealogy

Folder 6:        Cumie Walker Barrow Manuscripts

Folder 7:        Henry Barrow

Folder 8:        Jack Barrow

Folder 9:        L.C. Barrow

Folder 10:      Carl Beaty, sold car to Clyde

Folder 11:      Hilton Bybee, Convict

Folder 12:      Amon Carter

Folder 13:      Ed Crowder, Convict

Folder 14:      Bill Decker, Lawman

Folder 15:      Fred Erler, Lawman

Folder 16:      Governor Miriam Ferguson

Folder 17:      Charles “Pretty Boy” Floyd

Folder 18:      Joe Francis, Family and Convict

Folder 19:      R.M. (Maney) Gault, Texas Ranger

Folder 20:      Hollis Hale, Convict

Folder 21:      Frank Hamer, Texas Ranger

Folder 22:      Floyd Hamilton, Convict

Folder 23:      Raymond Hamilton, Convict

Folder 24:      Frank Hardy, Convict

Folder 25:      Ted Hinton, Dallas County Deputy Sheriff

Folder 26:      Joe Johns, Kidnap victim

Folder 27:      Doyle Johnson, Murdered

Folder 28:      W.D. Jones, Convict

Folder 29:      George “Machine Gun” Kelly

Folder 30:      Billie Jean Parker Mace

Folder 31:      Fred Mace

Folder 32:      Wade McNabb, Convict

Folder 33:      Ava Methvin and John Joiner court transcripts of Henry Methvin case

Folder 34:      Clemme Methvin interviewed by Terry Whitehead

Folder 35:      Henry Methvin, convict

Folder 36:      Perry Methvin interviewed by Terry Whitehead

Folder 37:      Willie Methvin interviewed by Terry Whitehead

Folder 38:      Methvin quotes from Terry Whitehead (Oklahoma Historian) video interviews

Folder 39:      Billie Jean Parker Mace Moon Reminisces

Folder 40:      James Mullen – (alias James Lamont), convict

Folder 41:      Mary O’Dare

Folder 42:      Joe Palmer, convict

Folder 43:      Bonnie Parker (Thornton)

Folder 44:      Sheriff Smoot Schmid

Folder 45:      Marie Barrow Francis Sellers Scoma/ Jonathan Davis – unpublished manuscripts

Folder 46:      Shawn Scoma, great-nephew

Folder 47:      Marie Barrow Francis Sellers

Folder 48:      E.M. Stamps, relative

Folder 49:      O.D. Stevens, convict

Folder 50:      O.D. Stevens, convict

Folder 51:      Sophie Stone, kidnap victim

Folder 52:      Roy Thornton, convict

Folder 53:      Ernest L. Warnack, Lawman

Folder 54:      William Watson, author/ researcher

Folder 55:      F.L. Whiteside, convict

Folder 56:      Reminisces from local eyewitnesses

Folder 57:      Virginia Becker reminisces about Bonnie and Clyde’s last days

Folder 58:      Robert Branson reminisces

Folder 59:      Harold Caldwell reminisces

Folder 60:      Wayne Carter reminisces

Folder 61:      Jonathan Davis reminisces

Folder 62:      Lu Durham reminisces

Folder 63:      Marvelle Feller reminisces

Folder 64:      John Paul Field reminisces

Folder 65:      Harrison Hamer reminisces

Folder 66:      Orville Hancock reminisces

Folder 67:      Charles Heard reminisces

Folder 68:      Boots Hinton reminisces

Folder 69:      Henderson Jordan reminisces

Folder 70:      Olen Walter Jackson reminisces

Folder 71:      Ted Johnson, Robert Pitts Thomas reminisces

Folder 72:      Sandy Jones interview, Ballistics

Folder 73:      Cissy Stewart Lale reminisces

Folder 74:      Rhea Leen Linder reminisces

Folder 75:      Rick Mattix interview, Depression era crime

Folder 76:      Archie McDonald interview, life in the 1930s

Folder 77:      Bill Palmer reminisces

Folder 78:      Lee Phelps reminisces

Folder 79:      John Neal Phillips interview, author “Running with Bonnie and Clyde”

Folder 80:      Beryl White Pope reminisces

Folder 81:      Ben Procter interview, author of “Just One Riot”

Folder 82:      Mitchel Roth interview, Law enforcement in Texas

Folder 83:      Bill Sloan reminisces

Folder 84:      Doris Stallings reminisces

Folder 85:      Terry Whitehead interview, Bonnie and Clyde historian

Folder 86:      James Willett interview, Eastham Prison Farm

Folder 87:      Buddy Barrow Williams reminisces

Folder 88:      Worth Wren, Texas Farming

Folder 89:      Jim Wright reminisces

Folder 90:      Pat Ziegler reminisces

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Folder 1:        Correspondence

Folder 2:        Correspondence, Book Proposal

Folder 3:        Book Proposal

Folder 4:        Bonnie and Clyde: Prologue, manuscript notes

Folder 5:        Bonnie and Clyde: Before, manuscript notes

Folder 6:        Bonnie and Clyde: During, manuscript notes

Folder 7:        Bonnie and Clyde: The Hunt, manuscript notes

Folder 8:        Bonnie and Clyde: Afterward, manuscript notes

Folder 9:        Bonnie and Clyde: Endnotes, manuscript notes

Folder 10:      Bonnie and Clyde: Bibliography, manuscript notes

Folder 11:      Book “The True Story of Bonnie and Clyde”

Folder 12:      Book “The Family Story of Bonnie and Clyde”

Folder 13:      Cassette Tape “Crime Doctor: Death Car”

Folder 14:      Book “My Life with Bonnie and Clyde”

Folder 15:      Book “Running with Bonnie and Clyde: The 10 Fast Years of Ralph Fults”

Folder 16:      Book “Bonnie and Clyde: A 21st Century update”

Folder 17:      Book “On the Trail of Bonnie and Clyde, Then and Now”

Folder 18:      Book “Savage Peace: Hope and Fear in America, 1919”

Bundle 1: PostersAdd to your cart.

"The Bonnie Parker Story", 1958  movie poster (14"x10 1/2")

Replica of 1934 All Point Bulletin


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