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Title: S. W. Blount Collection, 1831-1908Add to your cart.

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Folder 1: State of Texas, San Augustine County, Deeds, 1849-1871Add to your cart.

Deed- Nov 3 1849- John T. Mason toWilson E Hail

Deed- Jan 8 1850- Richard H. Cartwright to S.W. Blount

Deed- Mar 26 1851- Robert W. Martin to Simeon C. Watson

Deed- Feb 3 1852-J.W. Ballard to S.W. Blount

Deed- Aug 2 1853- Sheriff of San Augustine Co in Little’s interest in Cox survey to S.W. Blount

Deed- Jul 30 1866-N.D. Ray to E.A. Blount

Deed- Oct 20 1866-B.F. Roberts to S.G. Roberts

Deed- Jan 14 1871-Noel G. Roberts to Stephen W. Blount

Deed- Jan 17 1871- B.T. Roberts to Martha A. Roberts

Folder 2: State of Texas, San Augustine County Deeds, 1871-1877Add to your cart.

Deed- Jan 18 1871- Sheriff McDonald to Rielly S. Waterhowel

Deed- Apr 17 1871- Benjamin T. Roberts and Felix G. Roberts to John E. Hiar

Deed- May 21 1872-T.J. Roberts to Noel G. Roberts

Deed- Mar 3 1875- B.R. Wallace to S.W. Blount

Deed- Jul 12 1877-S.W. Blount to John Collins

Deed- Oct 9 1877- Mrs. S.W. Blount to W.B. Longworth

Folder 3: State of Texas, San Augustine County deeds, 1881-1889Add to your cart.

Deed- Feb 22 1881-Noel G. Roberts and wife to S.W. Blount

Deed- Mar 2 1883- W.R. Clayton to S.W. Blount

Deed- Oct 28 1884- J.L. Hensarling and Martha Hensarling to B.F. Watts

Deed- Jan 12 1886- B.F. Watts to G.W. Peoples

Deed- Mar 17 1886- J.P. Children to S.W. Blount

Deed- Jan 12 1889- W.F. Price to S.W. Blount

Folder 4: Republic of Texas, San Augustine County Deeds, 1836-1840Add to your cart.

Deed-Jul 25 1836-Edward Teal and Albert Kellogg to P.L. Lacy and S.A. Davis

Deed- Aug 17 1837-Almongon Haston to J.S. Lacy

Deed- May 7 1839- Stephen Blount to Pamela O. Starr

Deed-Dec 26 1840- W.W. Frizzell to Stephen Blount

Folder 5: Republic of Texas docuemtns, 1835-1849Add to your cart.

Field Note- Jun 5 1835- John Gilbert- Spanish

Translation of Title- Oct 29 1835- Geo. W. Smyth Comm, Apisting Witnip, Morris May, S.W. Blount

Bond- Jun 13 1836- John Burd, T.S. Lacy

Power of Atty- May 27 1836-William W. Carver to John A. Veaten

Deed of Sale- May 13 1837-Stephen W. Blount to David Lacy

Bill of Sale- Aug 17 1837- N.K. Kellum to John S. Lacy

Article of Agreement- Oct 12 1837-F. Thorn, H.H. Edwards with Harvey M. Strode

Article of Agreement- Nov 1 1837-P. Thorn, H Edwards, Jefferson Adams, George Wagner

Proof of Citizenship-Apr 21 1838- No 436 Board of Law Comm for John W. Cox

Field Note- Sept 22 1838-Sabine County John H. Smith survey within John Gallian survey

Note- Mar 2 1847- John Beaty Deed by Frederic Hoy

Administrator Sale Notice- Oct 1849- Elizabeth Humphing Property by S.W. Blount

Note-  about acreage

Folder 6: State of Texas documents, 1845-1917Add to your cart.

Partition of Property-Oct 29 1845- Estate of Clarborn Garrett

Translation of Grant- Feb 7 1854- Survey of Wilson Ewing

Memorandum- Dec 31 1857- John Gilbert Deed of Brown to Brichton

Bond- Jan 2 1871- Martha A. Roberts to J.L. Ford, D.S. Ford

Land Grant- May 20 1872- Noel G. Roberts to T.J. Roberts

IOU Note- May 21 1872- N.G. Roberts to T.J. Roberts

Collection Letter- Apr 16 1874- John Head to Benjamin L. Roberts and Felix G. Roberts

Note- Mar 2 1881- To A.G. Roberts, T.B. Roberts, L.F. Roberts, T. Bickham, E.H. Roberts from L.J. Roberts

Certificate of Membership to Texas State Council of Defense- July 6 1917- Judge S.W. Blount

Diagram of Land- date unknown

Folder 7: Letters, 1847-1887Add to your cart.

Letter- Jul 11 1847- William Clark to F. Brichton

Letter- Aug 16 1847- William Clark to William Brichton about Gilbert Deed to Brown

Letter- Apr 20 1877- J.J. Groos to S.W. Blount

Letter- May 5 1877- S.W. Blount to Albert A. Nelson

Letter- Jun 8 1877- S.W. Blount to Mess, Faulk and Faulk

Letter- Jul 11 1877- S.W. Blount to Mess, Faulk and Faulk

Letter- Jul 12 1877- S.W. Blount to Mess, Faulk, and Faulk

Letter- Mar 3 1887- Marsh Glenn to Judge J.J. Faulk

Folder 8: Dollar Notes from Louisiana, 1863Add to your cart.

$50 Note - March 10 1863-No 4041

$50 Note - March 10 1863- No 4090

$100 Note - March 10 1863- No 1183

$5 Note - March 10 1863 - No 344

$5 Note – March 10 1863 – No 13542

$5 Note – March 10 1863 – No 22108

$5 Note – March 10 1863 – No 23858

$5 Note – March 10 1863 – No 13868

Folder 9: Shelby County, Texas documents, 1881Add to your cart.

Grant- Spanish

Deed- Dec 31 1881- Almira Daniels to S.W. Blount

Folder 10: Out of state documents, 1832-1845Add to your cart.

Ohio- Sept 24 1832- L.R. Davis, Thomas Davis, W.R. Clayton, W.P. Eaves, N.D. Ray, Jas P. Davis

Power of Attorney Alabama- Apr 20 1833- Willie Jones to Timothy Parsons Jr

Deed- Montgomery Co Alabama- Jun 18 1833- Timothy Parsons to Willie Jones

Deed # 1- Montgomery Co Alabama- Jun 18 1833- Timothy Parsons to Willie Jones

Certificate to leave- Couhuila State, Mexico- Dec 29 1833- William McFarland Alcalde to Benjamin Lindsey Alcalde

Deed-New Orleans Parish, Louisiana- Jun 20 1845- David Brown to Francis Brichton

Folder 11: Documents, 1846-1881Add to your cart.

Deed- Sabine County; Elizabeth Williams to R. M. Merchant Aug. 5, 1846

Petition- Collin County; Benjamin N. Hampton Estate Filed Aug. 4, 1859

Land Grant- Collin County; H.R. Runnels (Governor) to John Little and S.W. Blount  Nov. 12, 1860

Will- Leon County; Noah Hollowell Sept. 7, 1874

District Court Minutes- Henderson County, Sept. Session 1887

Memo- May 18, 1850

Note- S.W. Blount to J.H. Mead

Land Script- State of Texas; Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway Companies from General Land Office May 1881


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