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Title: S. W. Blount Collection, 1831-1908Add to your cart.

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Folder 1: State of Texas, San Augustine County, Deeds, 1849-1871Add to your cart.

Deed- Nov 3 1849- John T. Mason toWilson E Hail

Deed- Jan 8 1850- Richard H. Cartwright to S.W. Blount

Deed- Mar 26 1851- Robert W. Martin to Simeon C. Watson

Deed- Feb 3 1852-J.W. Ballard to S.W. Blount

Deed- Aug 2 1853- Sheriff of San Augustine Co in Little’s interest in Cox survey to S.W. Blount

Deed- Jul 30 1866-N.D. Ray to E.A. Blount

Deed- Oct 20 1866-B.F. Roberts to S.G. Roberts

Deed- Jan 14 1871-Noel G. Roberts to Stephen W. Blount

Deed- Jan 17 1871- B.T. Roberts to Martha A. Roberts

Folder 2: State of Texas, San Augustine County Deeds, 1871-1877Add to your cart.

Deed- Jan 18 1871- Sheriff McDonald to Rielly S. Waterhowel

Deed- Apr 17 1871- Benjamin T. Roberts and Felix G. Roberts to John E. Hiar

Deed- May 21 1872-T.J. Roberts to Noel G. Roberts

Deed- Mar 3 1875- B.R. Wallace to S.W. Blount

Deed- Jul 12 1877-S.W. Blount to John Collins

Deed- Oct 9 1877- Mrs. S.W. Blount to W.B. Longworth

Folder 3: State of Texas, San Augustine County deeds, 1881-1889Add to your cart.

Deed- Feb 22 1881-Noel G. Roberts and wife to S.W. Blount

Deed- Mar 2 1883- W.R. Clayton to S.W. Blount

Deed- Oct 28 1884- J.L. Hensarling and Martha Hensarling to B.F. Watts

Deed- Jan 12 1886- B.F. Watts to G.W. Peoples

Deed- Mar 17 1886- J.P. Children to S.W. Blount

Deed- Jan 12 1889- W.F. Price to S.W. Blount

Folder 4: Republic of Texas, San Augustine County Deeds, 1836-1840Add to your cart.

Deed-Jul 25 1836-Edward Teal and Albert Kellogg to P.L. Lacy and S.A. Davis

Deed- Aug 17 1837-Almongon Haston to J.S. Lacy

Deed- May 7 1839- Stephen Blount to Pamela O. Starr

Deed-Dec 26 1840- W.W. Frizzell to Stephen Blount

Folder 5: Republic of Texas docuemtns, 1835-1849Add to your cart.

Field Note- Jun 5 1835- John Gilbert- Spanish

Translation of Title- Oct 29 1835- Geo. W. Smyth Comm, Apisting Witnip, Morris May, S.W. Blount

Bond- Jun 13 1836- John Burd, T.S. Lacy

Power of Atty- May 27 1836-William W. Carver to John A. Veaten

Deed of Sale- May 13 1837-Stephen W. Blount to David Lacy

Bill of Sale- Aug 17 1837- N.K. Kellum to John S. Lacy

Article of Agreement- Oct 12 1837-F. Thorn, H.H. Edwards with Harvey M. Strode

Article of Agreement- Nov 1 1837-P. Thorn, H Edwards, Jefferson Adams, George Wagner

Proof of Citizenship-Apr 21 1838- No 436 Board of Law Comm for John W. Cox

Field Note- Sept 22 1838-Sabine County John H. Smith survey within John Gallian survey

Note- Mar 2 1847- John Beaty Deed by Frederic Hoy

Administrator Sale Notice- Oct 1849- Elizabeth Humphing Property by S.W. Blount

Note-  about acreage

Folder 6: State of Texas documents, 1845-1917Add to your cart.

Partition of Property-Oct 29 1845- Estate of Clarborn Garrett

Translation of Grant- Feb 7 1854- Survey of Wilson Ewing

Memorandum- Dec 31 1857- John Gilbert Deed of Brown to Brichton

Bond- Jan 2 1871- Martha A. Roberts to J.L. Ford, D.S. Ford

Land Grant- May 20 1872- Noel G. Roberts to T.J. Roberts

IOU Note- May 21 1872- N.G. Roberts to T.J. Roberts

Collection Letter- Apr 16 1874- John Head to Benjamin L. Roberts and Felix G. Roberts

Note- Mar 2 1881- To A.G. Roberts, T.B. Roberts, L.F. Roberts, T. Bickham, E.H. Roberts from L.J. Roberts

Certificate of Membership to Texas State Council of Defense- July 6 1917- Judge S.W. Blount

Diagram of Land- date unknown

Folder 7: Letters, 1847-1887Add to your cart.

Letter- Jul 11 1847- William Clark to F. Brichton

Letter- Aug 16 1847- William Clark to William Brichton about Gilbert Deed to Brown

Letter- Apr 20 1877- J.J. Groos to S.W. Blount

Letter- May 5 1877- S.W. Blount to Albert A. Nelson

Letter- Jun 8 1877- S.W. Blount to Mess, Faulk and Faulk

Letter- Jul 11 1877- S.W. Blount to Mess, Faulk and Faulk

Letter- Jul 12 1877- S.W. Blount to Mess, Faulk, and Faulk

Letter- Mar 3 1887- Marsh Glenn to Judge J.J. Faulk

Folder 8: Dollar Notes from Louisiana, 1863Add to your cart.

$50 Note - March 10 1863-No 4041

$50 Note - March 10 1863- No 4090

$100 Note - March 10 1863- No 1183

$5 Note - March 10 1863 - No 344

$5 Note – March 10 1863 – No 13542

$5 Note – March 10 1863 – No 22108

$5 Note – March 10 1863 – No 23858

$5 Note – March 10 1863 – No 13868

Folder 9: Shelby County, Texas documents, 1881Add to your cart.

Grant- Spanish

Deed- Dec 31 1881- Almira Daniels to S.W. Blount

Folder 10: Out of state documents, 1832-1845Add to your cart.

Ohio- Sept 24 1832- L.R. Davis, Thomas Davis, W.R. Clayton, W.P. Eaves, N.D. Ray, Jas P. Davis

Power of Attorney Alabama- Apr 20 1833- Willie Jones to Timothy Parsons Jr

Deed- Montgomery Co Alabama- Jun 18 1833- Timothy Parsons to Willie Jones

Deed # 1- Montgomery Co Alabama- Jun 18 1833- Timothy Parsons to Willie Jones

Certificate to leave- Couhuila State, Mexico- Dec 29 1833- William McFarland Alcalde to Benjamin Lindsey Alcalde

Deed-New Orleans Parish, Louisiana- Jun 20 1845- David Brown to Francis Brichton

Folder 11: Documents, 1846-1881Add to your cart.

Deed- Sabine County; Elizabeth Williams to R. M. Merchant Aug. 5, 1846

Petition- Collin County; Benjamin N. Hampton Estate Filed Aug. 4, 1859

Land Grant- Collin County; H.R. Runnels (Governor) to John Little and S.W. Blount  Nov. 12, 1860

Will- Leon County; Noah Hollowell Sept. 7, 1874

District Court Minutes- Henderson County, Sept. Session 1887

Memo- May 18, 1850

Note- S.W. Blount to J.H. Mead

Land Script- State of Texas; Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway Companies from General Land Office May 1881

Box 2Add to your cart.
Folder 1: State of Texas documents, 1847-1885Add to your cart.

Eleanor Harrison to Margaret Thomas July 20, 1847

Eleanor Harrison to William Thomas April 2, 1849

William Thomas to Felix A E Anderson Jan 9, 1850

William & Margaret Thomas to S.W. Blount Oct 21, 1850

Felix Anderson to S.W. Blount Aug 23, 1851

P.G. Harding to S.W. Blount April 20 1852

Tax Sale on Jonathan Anderson tract  Jan 6, 1880

E.B. McHenry to E.A. Blount & S.W. Blount Jan 16, 1882

John C Payne to S.W. Blount March 16, 1885

Folder 2: State of Texas documents, 1851-1928Add to your cart.

Field note- Shelby Co- for S.W. Blount Oct 8, 1850

Deed- San Augustine Co. R Anthony to John G Berry – March 29, 1851

Field note-Col S.W. Blount March 19, 1852

Tax receipt-Shelby Co-Jonathan Anderson May 19, 1870

Tax receipt- San Augustine Co.- Sept 30, 1870

Tax receipt- Harrison Co- Jonathan Anderson Mar 25, 1874

Tax receipt- Shelby Co. – Jonathan Anderson June 6, 1881

Letter-Stewart Tullis to SW Blount  Nov 4, 1877

Deed Smith County- W.S. Hernden to A.E .Anderson, J.C. Poyner, Eliza McFodder Nov 23, 1880

Deed San Augustine County- S.W. Blount Sr. to S.W. Blount Jr. and E.A .Blount  Jan  4,1882

Field note, William Tomas

Field note- Shelby Co. William Waiter to LC Payne Dec 31, 1887

Tax sale deed- San Augustine Co.- S.W. Blount  from Jonathan Anderson Nov 5, 1885

Survey note-San Augustine Co.- March 10, 1852

Note-with diagram of tract of land

Division of property- Shelby Co.- SW Blount & Richard Ratcliff  Sept 5, 1861

Note- EB McHenry-Feb 18, 1885

List of Deeds July 7, 1885

Letter- C.M. Hill to E.A. Blount Dec. 12 1881

Land Tract  location- includes diagram of tract

Letter- S.B. Sexton to J.R. Swanzy Jan 7, 1900

Letter  FBSexton to SW Blount Jan 8, 1900

Letter- WH Garrett to SW Blount  Aug 20, 1928

Folder 3: Republic of Texas documents, 1835-1839Add to your cart.

Deed San Augustine Co- Wilson E Ewing to S.W. Blount Jr. -Nov 4, 1835

Bond- San Augustine Co- Martin Parmer to John A. Veaten- Jan 25, 1836

Bond- San Augustine Co-Edward Smith and T.S. Lacy– Aug 1, 1836

Power of Attorney- San Augustine Co. Edward Smith to T.A.Veaten June 1, 1836

Deed- San Augustine Co- T.S. McFarland to H.S. Lacy- Sept 5, 1836

Bond- San Augustine Co. Henry Burd to J.S. Lacy Sept 16, 1836

Deed- San Augustine Co.- Albert Kellogg to J.S. Lacy April 28, 1837

Deed- San Augustine Co.- D Thomas to J.S. Lacy June 15, 1837

Petition- San Augustine Co.- J.S. Lacy vs. N.W. St Mywich Sept 29, 1837

Letter of Attorney- San Augustine Co.- JS Lacy to A Houston Nov 26, 1837

Indenture Jasper Co. lane William McFarland to John H. Lacey Dec 10, 1837

Field Notes- San Augustine Co.-Thomas Iden March 12, 1837

Probate Court Document- San Augustine Co.-Clarborn Garrtett estate- April 18, 1839

Partial Court Document, San Augustine County; Sherriff Jan 7, 1842

Article of Agreement – Daniel Lacy and S.W. Blount no date

Folder 4: State Documents, 1833-1846Add to your cart.

Certificate of admission- Lenawee Co. Michigan- John S Lacy allowed to practice Law March 1833

Certificate of admission- State of Louisiana- J.S. Lacy -May 27, 1834

Deed- Shelby Co. Tennessee- L.A.Burdith to John A. Green

Folder 5: Newspaper clippings, 1908Add to your cart.

The Plaindealer and Mr. Spradley (2 copies)

About Will Sanders, Politician

This Day in History

Texas Oil Pioneer Dedication in Naogdoches

Constitution and BiLaws of the Farmers State Alliance of Texas  Cleburne 1886

What a Sherriff of twenty years thinks of Prohibition Jan 8, 1908

Prohibition a failure  Jan 9, 1908

Reaction by SW Blount about article in Sherevport Times on Prohibition Jan 11, 1908

Nomination Poster endorsement of J.S. Lacy

San Jacinto’s Place in History  April 21, 1926

Roster of the Law and Order Committee Nacogdoches Texas

Notice to the Editor of the Midnight Herold


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