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Howe-Piper Family Papers, 1850-1978

Collection Overview

Title: Howe-Piper Family Papers, 1850-1978

ID: A/105

Creator: Howe, Edgar Wellington (ca. 1846-1915)

Extent: 6.0 Linear Feet

Languages: English [eng]

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The Howe-Piper Family Papers consist largely of sheet music for voice and piano from 1850 to 1920. There are also stamping patterns from 1883-1885.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions: Open for research.

Box and Folder Listing

Box 1: 1877-1978Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Letter from Edgar Wellington Howe, Bayambang, Philippines, to daughter Gertrude, May 28, 1900Add to your cart.
Folder 2: Page showing faculty of Maine State College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts, including Edgar Wellington Howe, [1885?]Add to your cart.
Folder 3: Edgar Wellington Howe, obituary, New York Times, June 15, 1923Add to your cart.
Folder 4: Colgate-Rumbough Marriage. Invitations, thank you note, calling cards, newspaper clipping, 1911Add to your cart.
Folder 5: Wedding invitations, thank you note, calling cards, 1910-1911Add to your cart.
Folder 6: Wedding invitations, 1912-1914Add to your cart.
Folder 7: Invitations to dances and other social engagements, 1906-1909, UndatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 8: Christmas card from Corps of Cadets, West Point, [1911]Add to your cart.
Folder 9: Invitations and calling cards, UndatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 10: Gertrude Howe Piper. Obituary, cemetery record, and advertisements for Las Casitas Motor Court, 1947-1978Add to your cart.
Folder 11: "Instructions for Stamping: Directions for Using McDonald's Perforated Parchment Paper Stamping Patterns, For Marking Braiding and Embroidery Designs", 1877Add to your cart.
Folder 12: J. Duff McDonald Stamping Patterns: Lower case lettering, 1883Add to your cart.
Folder 13: J. Duff McDonald Stamping Patterns: Large Old English lettering, 1883Add to your cart.
Folder 14: J. Duff McDonald Stamping Patterns: Small Old English Lettering, 1883Add to your cart.
Folder 15: J. Duff McDonald Stamping Patterns: Large Roman LetteringAdd to your cart.
Folder 16: J. Duff McDonald Stamping Patterns: Cherubs and Children, 1882, 1884Add to your cart.
Folder 17: J. Duff McDonald Stamping Patterns: Birds, 1883-1884Add to your cart.
Folder 18: J. Duff McDonald Stamping Patterns:  Flowers, 1883-1886Add to your cart.
Folder 19: J. Duff McDonald Stamping Patterns: Flowers, 1883-1884Add to your cart.
Folder 20: J. Duff McDonald Stamping Patterns: Flowers, 1882-1884Add to your cart.
Folder 21: J. Duff McDonald Stamping Patterns: Floral Borders, 1883, UndatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 22: J. Duff McDonald Stamping Patterns: Geometrical and Egyptian Borders, 1883-1885Add to your cart.
Folder 23: Book used to practice stamping from J. Duff McDonald patterns, UndatedAdd to your cart.
Box 2: Sheet Music 1850-1907Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Sheet Music, 1850-1853Add to your cart.

"Would I Were with Thee," music: Carlo Bosetti; lyrics: Mrs. Norton. 1850.

"Champaigne Gallop," music: William Dressier. 1853.

Folder 2: Sheet Music, 1854Add to your cart.

"La Fille du Regiment," music: J. Blumtal Bellak. Op. 170.

"Fra Diavola," music: J. Blumtal Bellak. Op. 206.

"Martha," music: J. Blumtal Bellak. Op. 140.

"Norma," music: J. Blumtal Bellak. Op. 174.

Folder 3: Sheet Music, 1857-1859Add to your cart.

"Nozze de Figarro," music: James Bellak. 1857.

"Valse-Redowa," music: Giovanni Godone. 1857.

"La Traviata (Drinking Song)," music: Johan Spindler. 1858.

"Don Giovanni," music: James Bellak. 1859.

Folder 4: Sheet Music, 1860-1861Add to your cart.

"L'Amazone," music: Albert W. Berg. 1860.

"Dear Angel! Sleep Thee Well (Schlaf Wohl, Du Susser Engel Du)," music: Franz Abt. Op. 213. 1860.

"Trab-Trab Galop," music: Mark Hassler. 1860.

"Trumpet March," music: J. Daly; err. M. Hoffman. 1860 [Incomplete].

"Maiden's Prayer," music: James Bellak. 1861.

Folder 5: Sheet Music, 1862-[1865]Add to your cart.

"Love's Chidings," music: Nannie. 1862.

"Mabel Waltz," music: James Bellak. 1862 [1866].

"Weazel Waltz," music: C. H. Loehr. 1862 [Incomplete].

"Ernani," music; F. Beyer [1865].

Folder 6: Sheet Music, 1866-1867Add to your cart.

"Bohemian Girl," music; Carl Berger. 1866.

"Coronation March," music: A. Baumbach. 1866 [Incomplete].

"Masaniello," music: Carl Berger. 1866.

"The Merry Birds (O Bitt' Euch Liebe Vogelein)," music: Fred. [or Ford.] Gumbert; lyrics (English): Mrs. C. R. Corson. 1866.

"Crisping Galop," music: George A. Russell. 1867.

"Fantaisie From Oberon (Mermaid's Song from Oberon)," music: Ch[arles?] Kinkle. 1867.

"Silver Stream," music: Henry Bollman. 1867.

Folder 7: Sheet Music, 1868-1869Add to your cart.

"Jolly Brothers Galop (Bruder Lustig)," music: Franz Budik. 1868.

"Sweet Spirit, Hear My Prayer," music: William Vincent Wallace; lyrics: anon. 1868.

"Maud Waltz," music: J. Levy. 1869.

"School Waltzes," music: Thomas Baker. 1869.

Folder 8: Sheet Music, 1870-1871Add to your cart.

"Put Me in My Little Bed," music: C. A. White; lyrics: Dexter Smith. 1870.

"El Fresco (Waltz)," music: Emma Kate Simmons. 1871.

"Ivy Leaf (Polka Schottisch)," music: Hans Krummacher. 1871.

Folder 9: Sheet Music, 1875-1879Add to your cart.

"The Two Orphans (Waltz)," music: Henry Tissington. 1875.

"Eva Schottisch," music: I. Luckstone. 1877.

"Puck (March),'' music: Henry E. H. Benedict. Op. 5. 1879.

"Tidal Waves," music: Frank Conway. 1879.

Folder 10: Sheet Music, 1886Add to your cart.
"Chant du Berger (Song of the Shepherd)," music: M. de Colas.
Folder 11: Sheet Music, 1890-1892Add to your cart.

"Gems from Martha," music: F. van Flotow; err. Frank Percival. 1890.

"Schubert's Serenade," music: D. Krug. 1892.

"25 Etudes Op. 47," music: Stephen Heller [1892].

Folder 12: Sheet Music, 1893Add to your cart.

"After the Ball (Waltz)," music: Charles K. Harris; err. Jos. Clauder.

"Hearts and Flowers (Coeurs et Fleurs)," music: Theo. M. Tobani. Op. 245. [Sonatinas, rondos, and other pieces by Kuhlau, Clementi, Haydn, etc. Incomplete]. 1893.

Folder 13: Sheet Music, 1894-1895Add to your cart.

"Forgotten," music: Eugene Cowles; lyrics: anon. 1894.

"Newest School of Velocity for the Pianoforte," music: H. Berens. 1894.

"A Dream," music; J. C. Bartlett; lyrics: Charles B. Cory. 1895.

Folder 14: Sheet Music, 1896-1899Add to your cart.

"Enchantment (Air de Ballet)," music: Milo Deyo. 1896.

"Meditation," music: C. S. Morrison. Op. 60. 1896.

"Scales and Chords in All the Minor Keys for the Pianoforte," F. A. Schulz. 1896.

"El Capitan (March)," music: John Philip Sousa. 1896 [1897].

"Absent," music: John W. Metcalf; lyrics: Catherine Young Glen. 1899.

Folder 15: Sheet Music, 1900-1901Add to your cart.

"The Rosary (Le Chapelet; Der Rosenkranz)," music: Ethelbert Nevin; lyrics: Robert Cameron Rogers (English), Isadore Mar tinez (French), Thomas Baker (German). 1900.

"Violets (Morgens seed' ich dir die Veilchen)," music: Ellen Wright; lyrics: Julian Fane (English), H. Heine (German). 1900.

"Silver Threads Among the Gold," music: H. P. Danks; lyrics: Eben E. Rexford. 1901 [1873].

"La Paloma," music: Yradier, err. Sigfrid Stenhammer. 1901.

"Happy Dream Waltz," music: Otto Hallendorf. 1901.

Folder 16: Sheet Music, 1902Add to your cart.

"Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms," music: anon.

"The Glow-Worm (Gluhwurmchen)," music: Paul Linke.

"The Storm King (March Galop)," music: E. T. Paull.

"Thine Own (rein Eigen)," music: Gustave Lange. Op. 54.

Folder 17: Sheet Music, 1903-1905Add to your cart.

"Over the Waves (Waltzes)," music: Juventino Rosas [1903].

"A Silent Prayer," music: Marie Louka. 1905.

"Farewell to the Pianoforte," music: L. van Beethoven [1905].

"Gertrude's Dream Waltz," music: Beethoven [1905].

"Good Bye, Sweetheart, Good Bye," music: Albert von Tilzer; lyrics: Arthur J. Lamb. 1905.

Folder 18: Sheet Music, 1906Add to your cart.

"Because You're You," music: Victor Herbert; lyrics: Henry Blossom.

"I Miss You in a Thousand Different Ways," music: Gus. Edwards; lyrics: Will D. Cobb.

Folder 19: Sheet Music, 1907Add to your cart.

"Could I But Tell (Ballad)," music and lyrics: Robert W. Edwards.

"Love's Greeting (Salut d'Amour)," Edward Elgar. Op. 12.

"Praktische Taktschule (Practical Method for Playing in Correct Time)," music: Carl Czerny. Op. 824.

Box 3: Sheet Music 1908-1920, UndatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: Sheet Music (A-F), 1908Add to your cart.

"Avalanche," music: Heller.

"My Hero," music: Oscar Staus; lyrics: Stanislaus Stange (English).

"Drifting," music and lyrics: W. R. Williams.

"Familiar Airs," music: Carl Vogt.

"The Flowers of the Forest," music: I. Furman Mulliner [Incomplete].

Folder 2: Sheet MusicĀ  (G-Ma), 1908Add to your cart.

"I Hear You Calling Me," music: Charles Marshall; lyrics: Harold Harford [2 copies.].

"The Last Waltz of a Madman," music: Sinnengen [Liunengen?].

"A Man, A Maid, A Moon, A Boat," music and lyrics: Charles K. Harris.

"May Song," music: Carl Vogt.

Folder 3: Sheet Music (Mb-Z), 1908Add to your cart.

"Melodic," music: Anton Rubenstein. Op. 3, No. 1; ed. Paolo Gallico.

"Remembrance," music: Carl Vogt.

"Scarf Dance (Scene de Ballet)," music: C. Chaminade; ed. Paolo Gallico.

"To the End of the World with You," music: Ernest R. Ball; lyrics: Dave Reed and George Graff, Jr.

"Valse," music: Fr. Chopin. Op. 64, No. 1; ed. Paolo Gallico.

Folder 4: Sheet Music, 1909Add to your cart.

"Anchored," music: Michael Watson; lyrics: Samuel K. Cowan.

"I Can't Be True, So Far Away," music: Jos. E. Howard; lyrics: Hough & Adams.

"I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now," music: Jos. E. Howard; lyrics: Hough & Adams.

"To-Night Will Never Come Again," music: Jos. E. Howard; lyrics: Hough & Adams.

"Without You, The World Don't Seem the Same," music: Maurice Wolfe; lyrics: Charles Shackford.

Folder 5: Sheet Music (A-P), 1910Add to your cart.

"All That I Ask of You Is Love," music: Herbert Ingraham; lyrics: Edgar Selden [Incomplete].

"Every Little Movement," music: Karl Hoschna; lyrics: Otto A. Hauerbach.

"Let Me Call You Sweetheart (I'm in Love with You)," music: Leo Friedman; lyrics: Beth Slater Whitson.

"The Lost Chord," music: Sir Arthur Sullivan; err. Theodore Moelling.

"A Perfect Day," music and lyrics: Carrie Jacobs-Bond.

Folder 6: Sheet Music (Q-Z), 1910Add to your cart.

"Sing Me to Sleep (Sing mir Dein Lied)," music: Edwin Greene; lyrics: Frida Wilhelmi (German), Clifton Bingham (English).

"A Song of the Sea," music: Amanda Kennedy.

"Twenty-Five Easy and Progressive Studies," music: Friedrich Burgmuller. Op. 100.

"27th Infantry March (Mindanao)," music: G. Savoca.

"You Are the Ideal of My Dreams," music and lyrics: Herbert Ingraham.

Folder 7: Sheet Music, 1911Add to your cart.

"Barcarolle from 'Les Contes d'Hoffmann,'" music: Jacques Offenbach; err. M. Greenwald.

"Humoreske," music: Anton Dvorak; ed. Rudolph Thaler.

"Love Waltz," music: Jerome Heller.

"Somewhere a Voice Is Calling," music: Arthur F. Tate; lyrics: Eileen Newton.

"They Always Pick on Me," music: Harry Von Tilzer; lyrics: Stanley Murphy.

"Till the Sands of the Desert Grow Cold," music: Ernest R. Ball; lyrics: George Graff, Jr.

Folder 8: Sheet Music, 1912Add to your cart.

"And the World's All Wrong Again," music: Ben M. Jerome; lyrics: Will M. Hough.

"Farewell (Aloha Oe)," music: H. M. Queen Lihuokalani; lyrics: Frank Sheridan (English).

"Last Night Was the End of the World," music: Harry Von Tilzer; lyrics: Andrew B. Sterling.

"A Little Love, a Little Kiss (Un peu d'amour)," music: Lao Silesu; lyrics: A. Nilson Fysher (French), Adrian Ross (English). "Mine," music: Alfred Solman; lyrics: James W. McGee and Paul Benedek.

"The Venus Waltz," music: Ivan Caryll; lyrics: C. M. S. McLellan.

"That Old Girl of Mine," music: Eghert Van Alstyne; lyrics: Earle C. Jones.

Folder 9: Sheet Music, 1913-1914Add to your cart.

"Aloha Oe," music: H. M. Queen Liliuokalani. 1913.

"Hush-a-bye, Ma Baby (The Missouri Waltz)," music: John Valentine Eppel; err. Frederic Knight Logan; lyrics: J. R. Shannon. 1914.

"Love's Old Sweet Song," music: J. L. Molloy; lyrics: G. Clifton Bingham [1914, 1918].

"Melody in F." music: Anton Rubenstein [1914].

"The Missouri Waltz," music: Frederic Knight Logan, err.; John Valentine Eppel, original melody. 1914.

Folder 10: Sheet Music, 1915Add to your cart.

"Aloha Oe (Farewell to Thee)," music: H. M. Queen Liliuokalini; err. H. F. Odell.

"Auf Wiedersehn!" music: Sigmund Romberg; lyrics: Herbert Reynolds.

"Memories," music: Egbert Van Alstyne; lyrics: Gustave Kahn.

"Sing Me to Sleep (Sing mir dein Lied)," music: Edwin Greene.

"The Sunshine of Your Smile," music: Lilian Ray; lyrics: Leonard Cooke.

"Whispering Hope," music: Alice Hawthorne. [1910, 1915.]

Folder 11: Sheet Music, 1916-1917Add to your cart.

"Auf Wiedersehn (But Not Good-bye)," music: Fred. W. Vanderpool; lyrics: Louis Weslyn. 1916.

"Someone," music: Jerome Kern; lyrics Herbert Reynolds. 1916.

"Give Me All of You," music: Milton E. Schwarzwald; lyrics: Earl Carroll. 1917.

"Kiss Me," music: Hugo Felix; lyrics: Anne Caldwell. 1916.

Folder 12: Sheet Music, 1918-1920Add to your cart.

"Beautiful Ohio," music: Mary Earl; lyrics: Ballard Macdonald. 1918.

"Tell That to the Marines!" music: Gus Edwards; lyrics: Sgt. Bernard A. Barron. 1918.

"Till We Meet Again," music: Richard A. Whiting; lyrics: Raymond Egan. 1918 [2 copies].

"My Isle of Golden Dreams [Song]," music: Walter Blaufuss; lyrics: Gus Kahn. 1919.

"That Naughty Waltz," music: Sol P. Levy; lyrics: Edwin Stanley. 1920.

Folder 13: Sheet Music (A), UndatedAdd to your cart.

"L'Absence," music:. C. Van Tall Op. 2.

"L'Africaine," music: Frederic Burgmu'ller.

"America Needs You Like a Mother," music: Jean Schwartz; err. William Schulz. ["Three Cheers for the Army and Navy" hand written music on verve]

"L'Argentine (Silvery Thistle)," music: E. Ketterer. Op. 21.

Folder 14: Sheet Music (B-C), UndatedAdd to your cart.

"Cascade de Roses," music: J. Ascher.

"Cavatina (Roberto il Diavalo)," music: G. Meyerbeer.

"Charge of the Hussars," music: Fritz Spindler. Op. 140.

"Les Cloches du Monastere (Bells of the Monastery)," music: Lefebure Wely.

Folder 15: Sheet Music (D-F), UndatedAdd to your cart.

"Il Desiderio," music: Henri Cramer.

"Etudes Melodiques (Faciles et progressives)," music: J. Conconne. Op. 24.

"Faust," music: F. Beyer, Op. 42; err. Charles Gounod.

"15 Etudes pour le piano," music: J. B. Duvernoy.

"Flee as a Bird," music: Mary S. B. [Palmer] Dana [Shindler].

Box 4: Sheet Music UndatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: Sheet Music (G-J), UndatedAdd to your cart.

"The Gipsy Countess," music: Stephen Clover; lyrics: Mrs. Crawford.

"The Guardmount or German Patrol (Die Wachtparade Kommt)," music: Richard Eilenberg. Op. 78.

"Hans und Liesel," music: Anon. folksong.

"Heimweh," music: Albert Jungmann. Op. 117.

Folder 2: Sheet MusicĀ  (La-Lt), UndatedAdd to your cart.

"Die Lauterbacherin (The Lauterbach Maiden)," music: Richard Loffler. Op. 41.

"Lily of the Valley (Die Lilie des Thales)," music: Sydney Smith. Op. 14 [ 2 copies, one published by S. T. Gordon and the other by Oliver Ditson Company].

Folder 3: Sheet Music (Lu-Lz), UndatedAdd to your cart.

"Lucia di Lammermoor," music: F. Beyer [Incomplete].

"Lucrezia Borgia," music: F. Beyer. Op. 42 [Published by S. T. Gordon].

"Lucrezia Borgia," music: Ferdinand Beyer. Op. 42 [Published by B. Schott's Sohne].

"The Lunatic's Last Waltz," music: Ferdinand Beyer. Op. 109.

Folder 4: Sheet Music (M-Pq), UndatedAdd to your cart.

"La Marseillaise," music: Ferdinand Beyer.

"O Wert Thou But Mine Own Love," music: F. Kucken; err. Ferdinand Beyer.

"Poet and Peasant," music: Franz von Suppe; err. C. T. Brunner [3 copies of Overture published by National Music Company, J. L. Peters, and Oliver Ditson Company].

Folder 5: Sheet Music (Pr-R), UndatedAdd to your cart.

"La Priere d'une vierge (The Maiden's Prayer)," music: Thekla Badarzewska. Op. 4.

"Le prophete," music: Ferdinand Beyer. Op. 36.

"Quo Vadis (Tanda de valses)," music: Fred'k V. Bowers.

"Remember Me," music: August Held.

"Robert le diable," music: F. Beyer; arr. Meyerbeer.

Folder 6: Sheet Music (S), UndatedAdd to your cart.

"Serenata galante (Colombina)," music and lyrics: Alvaro Retana.

"Sextet from Lucia (Donizetti)," music: Donizetti; C. Boem, err. Op. 114, No. V; Maurice Arnold, ed.

"Silvery Waves," music: A. P. Wyman.

"Souvenir de fete (Mazurka)," music: Charles Mercier.

"The Storm March Gallop," music: B. Bilse [torn] .

Folder 7: Sheet Music (T), UndatedAdd to your cart.

"Thousand and One Nights (Tausend und Eine Nacht)," music: Johann Strauss. Op. 346.

"Le tremolo," music: H. Rosellen.

"Il Trovatore," music: Verdi; err. Ferdinand Beyer. Op. 42.

"Il Trovatore," music: Verdi; err. Ferdinand Beyer. Op. 112.

Folder 8: Sheet Music Collections, UndatedAdd to your cart.
"40 Studies in Velocity," music: Carl Czerny. Op. 299, Book 1 and 2.
Folder 9: Sheet Music Collections, UndatedAdd to your cart.

"Popular Parlor Pieces for the Piano" [Cover missing].

"Popular Parlor Pieces for the Piano No. 2."

"Popular Parlor Pieces for the Piano No. 3."

Folder 10: Sheet Music CollectionsAdd to your cart.
Folder 11: Sheet MusicAdd to your cart.
Fragments and original cover embossed with "E & J Rosenberger."