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Title: Crawford-Yancy-Scrogins Family Papers, 1787-1902Add to your cart.

ID: A/155

Extent: 2.0 Boxes

Subjects: Families -- Texas, East, Financial statements, Legal documents -- Texas, East

Forms of Material: Correspondence

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The Collection contains original documents including legal and financial records, land papers, and personal correspondence concerning the Crawford, Yancy and Scroggins families, from 1823 to 1902.

Collection Historical Note

Jesse H. Crawford was born April 27, 1784, in North Carolina. He was the son of James and Elizabeth Crawford. He married Hannah on April 24, 1806. Hannah was born on August 31, 1788, in Georgia. Jesse and Hannah lived in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi before moving to the Republic of Texas in 1839. The Crawford family settled in Nacogdoches where Jesse lived and worked as a farmer until his death. Jesse owned land in Nacogdoches, San Augustine and Rusk Counties. Jesse and Hannah were legally separated in the 1860's. In the petition for separation Hannah stated that there were twelve children born to her and Jesse. After the separation, Hannah went to live in Henderson, Texas, where she died in 1866. Jesse lived with Mariah Theresa, Jesse and Hannah's seventh child, until his death on August 12, 1862.

Mariah Theresa Crawford was born on December 19, 1820, in Green County, Alabama. Mariah met Archelaus T. Yancy, who was born in Virginia ca. 1806, and they were married on July 19, 1847, in Nacogdoches County. Archelaus was eligible to receive 1/3 league of land in San Augustine County that was given to him by the Republic of Texas. Mariah and Archelaus took care of Jesse Crawford for several years until his death. Mariah then inherited the bulk of Jesse's properties, and Archelaus was the executor of his will. Legal problems over the will and disputes from other members of the family caused most of the property to be tied up in court battles until 1868. Archelaus died on September 15, 1866, leaving Mariah to handle the court cases and to tend to the property. Mariah died September 15, 1879, and both she and Archelaus are buried in the Walnut Grove Cemetery in Nacogdoches. Born to Mariah and Archelaus was one child, a daughter named Sarah Hannah.

Sarah Hannah Yancy was born in Nacogdoches County on June 8, 1848. She married James Grissom Scroggins, a friend and business associate of her father, on June 13, 1865. James was born March 25, 1836 in Alabama. James served in the Confederate States Army during the War between the States serving in Co. A, 3rd Battalion of the Texas Mounted Volunteers as a Sergeant. Sarah Hannah and James had thirteen children born to them. James preceded his wife in death on January 11, 1912. Sarah Hannah lived with her daughter, Sarah Helen Coats, until her death on March 13, 1926. Both Sarah Hannah and James are buried at Walnut Grove Cemetery in Nacogdoches County.

(Key, Wanda C. "Crawford, Jesse." Nacogdoches County Families. Dallas, Texas; Curtis Media Corporation, 1985. p. 231; Key, Wanda C. "Yancy, Mariah Theresa and Archelaus" Nacogdoches County Families. Dallas, Texas; Curtis Media Corporation, 1985. p. 734.)

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Families -- Texas, East
Financial statements
Legal documents -- Texas, East

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Repository: East Texas Research Center

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Box 1Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Crawford Legal Records, 1838-1839Add to your cart.

(a) Deed: Sarah Pace to Jesse Crawford, Kemper County, Mississippi, 1838;

(b) Deed: George Greshum to Jesse Crawford, Kemper County, Mississippi, 1838;

(c) Garnishment against Jesse Crawford, Mississippi, Noxubee County, 1839.

Folder 2: Crawford Legal Records, 1861-1868, 1888Add to your cart.

(a) Petition for separation, Hannah vs. Jesse Crawford, 1861;

(b) Citation, Hannah Crawford vs. Jesse Crawford, 1861;

(c) Deed of gift of all rights, titles and claims and interest in the estate of his father Jesse Crawford, from C. W. Crawford to Mariah Theresa Yancy, 1864;

(d) A. Yancy vs. Gibson Russell & others, interrogations into the state of mind of Jesse Crawford in latter part of his life, 1864, (2 items);

(e) Petition, William H. Crawford, adm. , vs. Maria Yancy, 1866;

(f) Citation W. H. Crawford, Adm., vs. Maria Yancy, 1866;

(g) Statement of Mariah Yancy concerning payment for Hyde & Cook, attorneys, 1866;

(h) Record finding in favor of Mariah Yancy concerning the estate of Jesse Crawford, 1868;

(i) Receipts of payment from Jesse in cause #2633, Hannah vs. Jesse Crawford, 1861-62, (5 items);

(j) Appointment of attorney by Reuben Crawford, 1888.

Folder 3: Crawford Legal records relating to the estates of Hannah and Jesse Crawford, 1870-1876Add to your cart.

(a) Deed from order of sale from Linthicum to J. G. Scroggins issued in the estate of Tesse Crawford, 1870;

(b) Petition & Citation, Gibson Russel vs. Mariah T. Yancy, executrix of Jesse Crawford estate, 1871;

(c) Statement of Reuben Crawford concerning the estate of Hannah Crawford, 1872;

(d) Bill of Cost-adjudged against the estate of Hannah Crawford, Wm H. Crawford vs. Mariah J. Yancy & James H. Starr, 1875;

(e) Citation, estate of Jesse Crawford, M. l. Yancy, executrix, 1877;

(f) William Crawford to Reuben Crawford concerning the estate of Hannah Crawford, 1870;

(g) Receipt of final settlement from Mariah T. Yancy, executrix of estate of Jesse Crawford, 1875;

(h) Letter from Charles S. Taylor to Mariah T. Yancy concerning settlement of cost due, 1876.

Folder 4: Crawford Land Transaction Papers, 1838-1859Add to your cart.

(a) Deed record of John Norris to Jesse Crawford, Nacogdoches, 1848;

(b) Deed record of Susannah Gaines to Jesse Crawford, Nacogdoches, 1844;

(c) Deed record of James Gains to Jesse Crawford, Nacogdoches, 1842;

(d) Deed record of James & Eliza Anderson to Jesse Crawford, Mississippi, Kemper County, 1838;

(e) Deed record of William & Jane Weaver to Jesse Crawford, Nacogdoches, 1859;

(f) Deed record of O. C. & Margaret Branch to Jesse Crawford, Rusk County, 1855

Folder 5: Crawford Land Transaction Papers, 1850-ca.1860Add to your cart.

(a) Land grant to Jesse Crawford, Nacogdoches, 1856;

(b) Deed record of John A. Windle to Jesse Crawford, Rusk County, 1854;

(c) Transfer of Head Right Certificate No 501, 1850;

(d) Deed record of Willis & Sarah Ashley to Jesse Crawford, Nacogdoches, 1851;

(e) Land Bond of Oliver T. Branch, Norman Branch, et. al., to Jesse Crawford, 1853

(f) Land map of Ignacio Sanches land, cat 1850;

(g) Land record of J. J. Jones Estate to Tesse Crawford, Nacogdoches, ca. 1860.

Folder 6: Crawford Bills of Sale for Slaves, 1823-1859Add to your cart.

(a) 1823, Nancy, 19 yrs., Tom and Henry, her children, from W. Scott for $700;

(b) 1831, Pat, 13 yrs., from Fredrick & Edwin Peck to Jesse Crawford;

(c) 1831, Jerry, 28 yrs., from Fredrick Peck to Jesse Crawford for $600.42;

(d) 1832, Judah, from M. M. Pollen to Jesse Crawford for $272.50;

(e) 1832, Jim Antony, from Francis Gent to Jesse for $450.00;

(f) 1832, Betsy and child, James, from Lewis A. Collier to Jesse Crawford;

(g) 1832, Five slaves from Lewis Collier: Liza $300, Peter $350, Elizabeth $300, Charles 360, Louis $217.50;

(h) 1833, Betsy, 16 yrs., for $450;

(i) 1839, _ inny, 50 yrs, from Wm. Barnes to Jesse Crawford;

(j) 1841, Exchange of negro man for certain negro boy named Elsh _ 13 yrs;

(k) 1859, Mary, 22 yrs. and negro boy, Wiley 6 yrs., from J. C. Featherston;

(l) 1859, Sale from public outcry, a runaway man, calls himself Jim, 22 yrs., for $1500.00;

(m) 1841, Jo, from Lewis Houston for $600, 2 men, Johnson, 27 yrs, and Jim, 23 yrs., From James T. Hibbler for $2300;

(n) N.D., Deed of gift, exchanged a girl , Tizer, to Maria Yancy for Caroline;

(o) 1846 convey unto daughter Maria T. Crawford, Caroline, 7 yrs. old.

Folder 7: Crawford personal correspondence, 1841, 1861-1863Add to your cart.
Folder 8: Crawford, Tax Receipts, 1840-1865Add to your cart.
Nacogdoches county tax receipts and 1860s War Tax Receipts
Folder 9: Crawford Receipts, bills, notes, 1852-1868Add to your cart.
Folder 10: Phrenological Opinion and chart for J. Crawford and medical prescription for Mr. Crawford, UndatedAdd to your cart.
Box 2Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Yancy Legal papers, 1856,1865Add to your cart.

(a) Yancy vs. George Brown attachment of $100.00, 1856.

(b) Subpoena of witness in case of John Norris, et al, vs. A. Yancy, 1856.

(c) Oath of Amnesty certification for A. Yancy, 1865.

Folder 2: Yancy Land Records, 1854-1858, 1867Add to your cart.

(a) Land Certificate # 145, San Augustine County, 1854.

(b) Land Grant No. 71, General Land Office to Maria Theresa Yancy, 1858.

(c) Nacogdoches District Court records concerning notes and title to the headright of John Hublell, 1867

Folder 3: Yancy Personal Correspondence, ca 1860Add to your cart.
Folder 4: Yancy Tax Receipts. Includes Nacogdoches County and other counties property taxes, U.S. Internal revenue tax receipts, confederate and war tax receipts of Archelaus and Maria Yancy, 1850-1870'sAdd to your cart.
Folder 5: Yancy, miscellaneous financial notes. Includes receipts for Survey, claims, Confederate registered bonds, miscellaneous notes, 1850-1870Add to your cart.
Folder 6: Scroggins, Bill of Sale for Slave, 1856Add to your cart.
Folder 7: Scroggins, Land Papers. Includes Sale Tax Deed and field notes, 1881, 1896Add to your cart.
Folder 8: Scroggins Correspondence, 1873-1897Add to your cart.

(a) Letter to James Scroggins from J. H. Conte (?), 1873.

(b) Letter to James Scroggins from W. R. Douglas, 1878.

(c) Letter from James Scroggins to his brother, 1884.

(d) Letter to James Scroggins from H. F. Dunson, Nacogdoches County judge, 1897.

(e) Partial letters, from Scroggins, Undated

(f) Letter to constable Scroggins, 1889.

Folder 9: Scroggins, miscellaneous Receipts, bills, notes, 1871-1902Add to your cart.
Folder 10: Scroggins Tax Receipts. Mostly Nacogdoches County property receipts between, 1860's-1902Add to your cart.
Folder 11: Scroggins Legal papers, 1870-1871Add to your cart.

(a) Release and relinquishment of rights, claims by Mariah T. Yancy to Sarah A. Scroggins to a league of land from A. Yancy estate, 1870.

(b) Deed of James G. Scroggins to Wm. C. Weatherly, 1871.

Folder 12: Miscellaneous Legal papers, 1864, 1880'sAdd to your cart.

(a) Deposition of J. Broughton, 1864;

(b) Indemnity Bond, 1880s;

(c) Estate papers of I. Z. Jones, 1869 (incomplete);

(d) Bond for Witness, 1880's;

(e) Sam Shepphard, bond to appear, 1889;

(f) Indemnity Bond for distress warrant 1888.

Folder 13: Miscellaneous Personal correspondence, 1856, 1890'sAdd to your cart.
Letters from M. M. Peterson, 1890s; Letter from John G. Berry, 1856
Folder 14: Miscellaneous Documents, including a Confederate note No. 348, 1862Add to your cart.
signed by Charles S. Taylor; miscellaneous personal and financial notes and receipts, 1854-1898
Folder 15: Land transaction papers, 1841-1884Add to your cart.

(a) Johnathon Mosley to G. W. Brewer, Nacogdoches County, 1871;

(b) Joseph O. Carrell to Rebekah Mad, Shelby County, 1849;

(c) Headright Certificate No. 501, Ignacio Sanchez Sr., 1856;

(d) Luis Sanches to Santago Rabia, Nacogdoches County, 1841;

(e) E. B. Campbell to Wm. Weaver, Nacogdoches County, 1859;

(f) Survey map shows S. L. Smith, James Russell, Slay, Marshalls land tracts, 1884.

Folder 16: Mississippi Land Office receipts of Daniel Greene and others, 1834-1835Add to your cart.
Folder 17: Tax Receipts. Special License Tax Receipt; property tax, 1889, 1848Add to your cart.

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