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Sparks Family Papers, 1835-1971

Collection Overview

Title: Sparks Family Papers, 1835-1971

ID: A/44

Extent: 1.0 Linear Feet

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Correspondence, receipts, essays, newspaper articles, legal documents, photos, and other papers, relating to John Marion Sparks (1831-1909), physician, and his daughter, Johnnie May (Sparks) Wyres (1885-1971) of Nacogdoches, Texas. Includes records relating to Sparks Manufacturing Company, producers of Hair Vigor, a hair restorer developed by Dr. Sparks; genealogical material on the Sparks family; material on Nacogdoches history and families for a proposed book by Wyres; and on Old North Church, Nacogdoches, first organized Baptist church in Texas.

Box and Folder Listing

Box 1: Correspondence, Local and Texas History, 1835-1971Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Correspondence, 1874-1896Add to your cart.
Letters to and from John M. Sparks chiefly concerning land matters, 4 items.
Folder 2: Correspondence, 1901-1919Add to your cart.
Letters to and from Sparks family members, 8 items, and 2 envelopes.
Folder 3: Correspondence, 1954-1958Add to your cart.
Letters to Johnnie May Sparks Wyres, 5 items.
Folder 4: Correspondence, 1945-1955Add to your cart.
Draft copies of 9 letters written by Johnnie May Sparks Wyres and 2 by other people; some letters are incomplete, 11 items.
Folder 5: Legal Papers, 1854-1896Add to your cart.
Chiefly concerning land matters (deeds, bonds) relating to Sparks family members, 11 items.
Folder 6: Legal Papers, 1841-1894Add to your cart.
Fragment concerning land sale to Walter Murray; deed of Elijah Allen; power of attorney of Elizabeth Campbell, 3 items.
Folder 7: Business Papers, 1835-1878Add to your cart.
Order to survey; receipts; bills of account; promissory notes; tax receipts; advertisement; 24 items, 2 photocopies, and 2 fragments.
Folder 8: Business papers, 1900-1961Add to your cart.
Chiefly receipts and promissory notes, 15 items.
Folder 9: Prescriptions and recipesAdd to your cart.
Dr. John M. Sparks' recipe for rheumatism; also recipes for making wine and for making "mechanic's favorite soap," 6 items.
Folder 10: Business documents, 1882Add to your cart.
Concerning Dr. John M. Sparks' business of manufacturing and selling Direct Force Acting Pumps, 2 items.
Folder 11: Sparks Manufacturing Company (Hair Vigor) documents, 1887-1936Add to your cart.
Correspondence; advertisements; testimonials; orders; letters of recommendation; 19 items.
Folder 12: Speeches, Essays and Radio ProgramsAdd to your cart.
Short speeches, essays and radio programs relating chiefly to historical events and persons in Nacogdoches by Johnnie May Sparks Wyres.  Documents are not dated, 42 items.
Item 1: Address of General Thomas J. Rusk to First Grand JuryAdd to your cart.
2 1/2 pages, 2 copies.
Item 2: Autobiography of Allen Thomas GarrardAdd to your cart.
12 pages, 1 copy.
Item 3: A Criminal Code, Nacogdoches, 1873Add to your cart.
12 pages, 1 copy.
Item 4: The Family of Judge FullerAdd to your cart.
2 pages, 1 copy.
Item 5: First Protestant Public School in Republic of TexasAdd to your cart.
3 pages, 1 copy.
Item 6: General Sam Houston Appoints Dave Rusk as SheriffAdd to your cart.
2 pages, 2 copies.
Item 7: Nacogdoches - notes on early historyAdd to your cart.
2 pages, 2 copies.
Item 8: Nacogdoches HistoryAdd to your cart.
3 chapters on the history of Nacogdoches.
Item 9: Notes from A. Sterne's DiaryAdd to your cart.
1 page, 1 copy.
Item 10: Odd Names and Old PlacesAdd to your cart.
2 pages, 1 copy.
Item 11: Pageant of NacogdochesAdd to your cart.
Mimeographed, not dated, Dr. T. E. Ferguson, 16 pages, 1 copy.
Item 12: Runaway ScrapeAdd to your cart.
6 pages, 1 copy.
Item 13: Henry Teal NotesAdd to your cart.
Notes on some phase of Henry Teal's activities, 1 page, 1 copy.
Item 14: Frederick Voigt BiographyAdd to your cart.
6 pages, 1 copy.
Item 15: Whence the Name Fredonia," by C. F. SheleyAdd to your cart.
4 pages, 1 copy.
Item 16: The Whipping PostAdd to your cart.
2 pages, 1 copy.
Item 17: The Camels are ComingAdd to your cart.
1 page, 1 copy.
Item 18: Influence of the Sea and the Texas RevolutionAdd to your cart.
12 pages, 1 copy.
Item 19: Presbyterian Church in Austin, TexasAdd to your cart.
2 pages, 1 copy.
Item 20: A Round-up of Outlaws, 1877Add to your cart.
Information on a "round-up" of outlaws in Kimble County by the Texas Rangers, 1 page, 1 copy.
Item 21: Transportation in Early DaysAdd to your cart.
3 pages, 1 copy.
Item 22: Freedom of the PressAdd to your cart.
2 pages, 1 copy.
Folder 13: Johnnie May Sparks Wyres' NotebookAdd to your cart.
Johnnie May Sparks Wyres' Notebook, not dated; 20 items, (loose and stapled chapters).
Folder 14: Miscellaneous Documents, 1911-1950Add to your cart.
Poems; rough drafts of articles; recipe; outline of a pageant written or copied by Johnnie May Sparks Wyres, 18 items.
Folder 15: Nacogdoches FamiliesAdd to your cart.
Rough handwritten and typed histories pertaining to Nacogdoches county people and families: Weatherly, Costley, Clute, Perritte, Baucom, McKnight, Clevenger, Fuller, Black, Martin, Orton, Baker, Matteson, Stripling, Whitaker, Birdwell, Cruse, Garrett, Hoya; sketch of Douglass in 1908-09; Texas history material, 1908-09. 24 items
Box 2: Newspaper Clippings, Programs, Genelogical Information on Sparks Family, and Information about Nacogdoches, 1901-1971Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Newspaper Clippings, 1942-1959Add to your cart.
Newspaper clippings from the Daily Sentinel, of Johnnie May Sparks Wyres column "Thinking out Loud"; clippings about topics of historic interest; articles about Old North Church; and Clippings concerning members of the Sparks family, 1942-1959. 25 items.
Folder 2: Newspaper Clippings, 1952-1959Add to your cart.
Old North Church; newspaper clippings; homecoming program (1959); announcements; list of early pastors, a peg hit, "Old North Church"; essays by Johnnie May Sparks Wyres; petition of descendants of Isaac Reed to have his body removed to Old North Church cemetery, 1952-1959. 17 items.
Folder 3: Advertisement, Programs, and Brochures, 1940-1956Add to your cart.
Nacogdoches Sanitarium advertisement; program for Historical Evening at Nacogdoches High School auditorium;invitation to commissioning of the USS Alamo and to presentation of portrait to the Texas Senate; brochures for Washington-on-the-Brazes, State Capitol building and State Democratic committee, 1940-1956. 7 items.
Folder 4: Newspaper Clippings and Program, 1955-1956Add to your cart.
Newspaper clippings about the Sons of the Republic of Texas and the Knights of San Jacinto; program of investiture service and dinner for the SRT and the KSJ, 1955-1956. 7 items.
Folder 5: Dedications, Programs, Yearbook and Clippings, 1951-1957Add to your cart.
Programs for memorial services and dedications of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas; 1951 yearbook of the Anson Jones Chapter, Mt. Pleasant; newspaper clippings concerning statewide activities of the DRT's, 1951-1957. 34 items.
Folder 6: Family History Correspondence, 1943-1957Add to your cart.
Sparks family history correspondence of Johnnie May Sparks Wyres, 1943-1957. 19 items.
Folder 7: Genealogical Materials, 1957-1958Add to your cart.
Genealogical materials of the Sparks family, 1957-1958. 42 items.
Folder 8: Obituary and Marriage Announcements, 1935-1971Add to your cart.
Sparks family obituary notices and marriage announcements, chiefly newspaper clippings, 1935-1971. 9 items.
Folder 9: Photographs, 1907-1956Add to your cart.
Photographs, many not identified, some Sparks family members; post-cards of Nacogdoches scenes: historical elm tree, old Stone Fort, downtown about period of World War I; post-card of Vernis Fulmer Quartet with Dick Fairchild, 1907-1956. 21 items.
Folder 10: NotebooksAdd to your cart.
Notebooks. Largest (1939) is grocery story ledger with charges to Nacogdoches citizens; smaller ones contain notations pertaining to Texas land ownership and one also has recipes and formulas for various ailments. no dates. 3 items.
Folder 11: Partial Manuscript, 1904Add to your cart.
Partial manuscript of an unpublished book, Love Finds a Way, by Nonie Lelah Jackson, 1904. 1 item.
Folder 12: Coin PurseAdd to your cart.
Coin purse of Commercial Guaranty State Bank, Nacogdoches, Texas, containing envelope with a button in it. 1 item.