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R. B. Blake Collection, 1628-1941

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Title: R. B. Blake Collection, 1628-1941

ID: A/0

Creator: Blake, Robert Bruce (1877-1955)

Extent: 93.0 Volumes

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Typed transcripts and translations made by Blake, Nacogdoches County Clerk, of official records and personal papers found in the Office of the County Clerk in Nacogdoches, in the Nacogdoches Archives, in the General Land Office of Texas, and in the University of Texas Archives (including the Bexar Archives). Included in the collection are legal papers, census records, jury verdicts, promissory notes, summonses, election returns, bills of sale for slaves, civil and criminal proceedings, and genealogical and historical material on East Texas subjects.

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R. B. Blake Collection. ETRC Personal & Family Collection. A-7

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Volume 1: Nacogdoches County Clerk Records, 1772-1837Add to your cart.

10 July 1806-23 December 1836 (Book A, p. 1-196). 10 September 1772-12 January 1837 (Book B, p. 197-396).

Digital copy courtesy of Clayton Library.

LAND titles, grants, transfers, certificates, sales and resales, survey notes, mortgages.

MARRIAGES, contracts, celebrations, dissolving.

BONDS for good behavior, job performance, titles.

LOCAL GOVERNMENT, creation of board of health, petition for fire control, of nuisance control; call for elections; call for jurors; petitions to Alcalde and answers; indebtness of Corporation of Nacogdoches; creation of militia for defense against the Indians; Cherokee incident.

REVOLUTION, Tennessee Volunteers, New Orleans Greys, request for funds, etc.

INDIVIDUAL WILLS, power-of-attorney grants, business letters.

SLAVES,selling and freedom granted.

Volume 2: Nacogdoches County Clerk Records, 1792-1836Add to your cart.

15 May 1792-10 July 1836 (Book C, p. 1-200). 11 November 1796-6 December 1836 (Book D, p. 201-400).

Digital copy courtesy of Clayton Library.

LAND GRANTS for town lots in Nacogdoches; official papers include notes on colonization laws, survey procedures and rituals of claiming possession of one's land.


BONDS for good behavior, debts, titles. [These reflect the temper of the times.]

POWER OF ATTORNEY grants. [These reflect many facts about family organization, as well as business facts.]

MARRIAGE CONTRACTS [The early ones reveal the French customs of Louisiana as well as the Texas procedures of making a legal marriage.]

NOTES, DEMANDS, WILLS, Acknowledgments.

Volume 3: Nacogdoches County Clerk Records, 1827-1836Add to your cart.

20 April 1830-28 March 1836 (Book E, p. 1-199). 30 October 1827-17 September 1836 (Book F, p. 200-398).

Digital copy courtesy of Clayton Library.

LAND TRANSACTIONS. Direct sales, contracts of sale, promises of sale, deeds of sale, powers-of-attorney granted for making land transfers or sales. Individuals involved from Mexico, East Texas and other parts of Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, New York, Pennsylvania

Volume 4: Nacogdoches County Clerk Records, 1792-1838Add to your cart.

8 May 1792-2 July 1838 (Book G, p.1-200). 7 May 1810-31 December 1834 (Book H, p. 201-401)

LAND SALES in Nacogdoches (Pueblo de Nuestra Senora del Pilar de Nacogdoches), in other parts of the Department of Nacogdoches, and a few in sections outside the Department of Nacogdoches. Brief abstracts presented in court reveal names of early settlers,geographic description of grants or properties, many family connections, and operation of colonization laws, empresarios and pobladors.

ACQUIRING AND SELLING OF LAND TRACTS AND OF LAND CERTIFICATES (issued to colonists and Texas Revolution participants) by the so-called speculators: A.C. and J.K. Allen, John Durst, William Logan, George Pollitt, Henry Stockman, Adolphus Sterne, Frost Thorn, George Antonio Nixon, etc.

STONE HOUSE AND OLD CHURCH of Nacogdoches, sales.

POWER-OF-ATTORNEY, power of guardianship, business contracts,runaway slaves; Proclamation of Sam Houston for Militia to protect against Indian raids.

Volume 5: Nacogdoches County Clerk Records, 1827-1835Add to your cart.

7 May 1827-30 May 1835 (Book I, p. 1-200). 19 May 1835-24 September 1835 (Book J, p. 201-40

Digital copy courtesy of Clayton Library.

LAND SALES. By citizens of Nacogdoches and San Augustine, Texas. Most involve the original grantees; some are of the grants made to members of Burnet's or Vehlein's or Zavala's colonies. Field notes give original geographical names of early times. Sales documents include interesting family relationships and family names for several generations. Many sales for lots in Santa Anna on Tivis Bluff, west side of the Neches River, where navigation of boats is possible (location of present Beaumont.) Biggest land buyers (or speculators) are William Logan, A.C. and J.K. Allen, Archibald and Augustine Hotchkiss and Frost Thorn. Less spectacular buyers are George Pollitt, John S. Roberts, Adolphus Sterne; David Brown is busy selling the lots in Santa Anna.

Volume 6: Nacogdoches County Clerk Records, 1835Add to your cart.

25 September 1835-26 October 1835 (Book K, p. 1-200). 26 October 1835-24 December 1835 (Book L, p. 201-400).

Digital copy courtesy of Clayton Library.

LAND SALES. By citizens of Nacogdoches and San Augustine, Texas. Most involve the original grantees; some are of the grants made to members of Burnet's or Vehlein's or Zavala's colonies. Field notes give original geographical names of early times. Sales documents include interesting family relationships and family names for several generations. Many sales for lots in Santa Anna on Tivis Bluff, west side of the Neches River, where navigation of boats is possible (location of present Beaumont.) Biggest land buyers (or speculators) are William Logan, A.C. and J.K. Allen, Archibald and Augustine Hotchkiss and Frost Thorn. Less spectacular buyers are George Pollitt, John S. Roberts, Adolphus Sterne; David Brown is busy selling the lots in Santa Anna.

Volume 7: Nacogdoches County Clerk Records, 1835-1836Add to your cart.

10 December 1835-27 February 1836 (Book M, p. 1-199). 29 January 1836 -16 July 1836 (Book N, p. 200-398).

LAND SALES (as in Vols. V & VI); many resales of land purchased form the Spanish by Anglicans and sold to other Anglicans. Frost Thorn and Charles S. Taylor are biggest buyers, followed by the Allen brothers, Albert Emanuel and George Pollett.

TOWN LOT SALES in Nacogdoches, Bath, Liberty and Jackson

BUSINESS AGREEMENTS, contracts and sales.

SALES consummated in Natchitoches and New Orleans.

CASE involving Louisiana legal regulations on women owning and selling property.

Volume 8: Nacogdoches County Clerk Records, 1827-1837Add to your cart.

16 July 1836-25 November 1836 (Book O, p. 1-200). 23 April 1827-19 January 1837 (Book P, p. 201-400).

Digital copy courtesy of Clayton Library.

LAND SALES AND DEEDS as in preceding volumes; sale of a few lots in Nacogdoches; power-of attorney granted in several land transactions.

SLAVE DOCUMENTS, sale of slaves; case of freedom granted, slaves willed and mortgaged.

BONDS AND NOTES to the state and to individuals.

MARRIAGE, Brewer-Windsor.

WILLS, Daniel Clark, and Thomas Williams

GENERAL ACCOUNT of the Funds of the City of Nacogdoches, for the year 1834, by Juan Mora, Primary Judge.

Volume 9: Nacogdoches County Clerk Records, 1834-1835Add to your cart.

1834-1835 (Book Q, p. 1-141). No date (Book R, p. 142-296).

Digital copy courtesy of Clayton Library.

Book Q Communications from Alcalde of Nacogdoches to Political Chief of the Dept.of Nacogdoches: daily reports of activities and many questions on handling elections, unruly citizens, property titles, militia, payment of officials; money for building jail, cleaning and repairing church, etc.; communications from Henry Rueg, Political Chief, to Ayuntamientos of San Augustine and Liberty, answering questions, giving orders, reporting governmental business from headquarters in Mexico, etc.

Book R Index of Archives still at Nacogdoches County Courthouse.

Volume 10: Nacogdoches County Clerk Records, 1800-1824Add to your cart.

1800-1819 (Book A, p. 1-267). 1820-1824 (Book B, p. 208-408).

Digital copy courtesy of Clayton Library.

Book A Official letters and reports concerning: Philip Nolan, his men and his expeditions; Musquiz expedition; Ashley, escape, entry into Texas; Fero, escape and rearrest; Proceedings vs. James Cook, Antonio Leal, Gertrude de los Santos Coy; Glass expedition; Settlers from U.S.; Wilkerson and the frontier; Casas expedition; U.S. forces: impending war with the U.S.; Matagorda attack; Magee-Gutierrez expedition; Neutral Ground, Texas and Louisiana; Revolutionists and revolutionary movements; Perry expedition; Lallemanda expedition; Stephen F. Austin, judge for territory of Arkansas, colony inTexas; etc.; Indian rebellions.

Book B Official letters and reports concerning: Dr. Long expedition; Moses Austin, colony of 300 families, etc.; Stephen F. Austin colony, locating and planning "San Felipe de Austin," etc.; conditions in Texas; James Gaines and families from Louisiana, etc.; Mexican Independence; Indian hostilities; Santa Anna, revolutionary movement, defeat at Jalapa, etc.; revolutionary movements; land warrants to American volunteers; William Goyen case; Trespalacios rebellion; adoption by congress of federal republican form of government; proposal to unite Provinces of Texas, Coahuila, etc.; court cases in Nacogdoches on stealing, fights, murders, misbehavior, etc.

Volume 11: Nacogdoches Archives, 1824-1827Add to your cart.

1824-1826 (Book C). 1825-1827 (Book D).

Digital copy courtesy of Clayton Library.

Book C Accounts, affadavits, citations, notes, debts, fights, murders, complaints on general behavior and other such affairs of everyday life, as have been brought to the attention of the Nacogdoches alcalde; election returns from surrounding precincts; muster rolls of the militia; Stephen F. Austin: his colony affairs and preparation for an Indian war, his request to found a port at Galveston, letters concerning Texas peace & growth; Haden Edwards: plans and procedures.

Book D Stephen F. Austin: activities in his colony, activities to promote growth ofthe Province of Texas; Revolutionary states and movements in Nacogdoches; confederation of Cherokees and other Indians and some Americans against Mexican government; Fredonian War and ramifications including trial of Samuel Norris; Haden Edward: his plans, movements, arrest, etc.; petitions, inventories, citations, subpoenas, filed in the course of daily activity in the community (Nacogdoches); new city ordinances.

Volume 12: Nacogdoches Archives, 1827-1832Add to your cart.

1827-1830 (Book E). 1830-1832 (Book F)

Book E Letters, petitions, reports concerning: R. Collier estate; election returns: Nacogdoches, Tenaha, Sabine, Ayish; San Antonio Valero Mission, sale of buildings; legal cases on estates, debts, commanding officer at Nacogdoches, etc.; Santa Anna: revolutionary movements, outlawing of, etc.; schooner "Man's Rights" seized at Galveston; U.S. troop movements and reports of invasion from U.S.; Jose Ignacio Ybarbo, correspondence books as alcalde, court cases, etc.

Book F Letters, petitions, reports concerning: Census lists, tax lists, election returns; DeWitt's Colony; Austin's Colony, no more settlers; lands conceded to citizens, 1831; stirrings of revolution: Goliad, Austin, Gonzales, Brazoria, Anahuac; expeditions against Indians.

Volume 13: Nacogdoches Archives, 1832-1835Add to your cart.

1832-1835 (Book G). 1834-1835 (Book H).

Digital copy courtesy of Clayton Library.

Book G Incidents in Nacogdoches and surrounding communities: Anahuac disturbances; Nacogdoches battle, disturbances, general conditions, reports from Austin, Piedras, Garza, etc.; election returns, proceedings, delegates; Ayish resolution asking for separate community status.

Book H Stephen F. Austin, order for arrest; resolution to give allegiance to Santa Anna as governor of Texas and Coahuila; local elections, lists of voters, complaints filed against the alcalde, court cases of Peter Bean, Cortinas, Goyen, John Durst, Sam Houston, Charles Taylor, etc.; Thomas J. Rusk, sworn in as a citizen; petition by leading citizens of Nacogdoches for the organization of a Volunteer Militia.

Volume 14: Nacogdoches Archives, 1835-1836Add to your cart.

1835 (Book I). 1835-1836 (Book J).

Digital copy courtesy of Clayton Library.

Records showing subpoenas, citations, warrants for arrest, simple court cases for small thefts, etc.; plea for stand against Santa Anna; orders to prevent march of Civic Militia from Bexar.

Volume 15: Nacogdoches Archives, 1826-1836Add to your cart.

1836 (Book K). 1826-1836 (Book L).

Book K Local court cases: citizen vs. citizen; state vs. citizen; trials of peddlers and hawkers; estate settlements; citations for contempt of court, failure to appear as witness, etc.; warrants for arrests, search of homes; sequestration and attachment of goods; summons for jury service.

Book L Events in Nacogdoches and surrounding communities. Nacogdoches: citations, warrants, arrests, account book of Ayuntamiento, minutes of the Alcalde (1836), list of post offices in Nacogdoches and Angelina County (1847?); Ayish Bayou: resolution of fealty to Federal Constitution of Mexican States (1825); Garner contract for teaching in Nacogdoches (1825); Obadiah Hendrick family; local court cases, bonds, accounts, trials, petitions, etc.; Copy Book of the Correspondence of Governor Martinez (Commander of Texas), 31 May 1817-8 May 1818, letters #1-#43, to the Most Excellent Senor Viceroy.

Volume 16: Nacogdoches Archives, 1809-1823Add to your cart.
Copy Book of the Correspondence of Governor Antonio Martinez (cont.), 9 May 1818-20 Jan. 1821 (letters 44-#179), to the Viceroy; Public declarations, etc., 16 Jan. 1809-23 July 1820; correspondence with the Commanding General (letters #1-179), 30 May 1817-8 Jan. 1818.
Volume 17: Nacogdoches Archives, 1818-1826Add to your cart.
Copy Book of the Correspondence of Governor Antonio Martinez (cont.), correspondence with the Commanding General (letters #180-904), 8 Jan. 1818-23 July 1820
Volume 18: Bexar Archives, 1792-1830Add to your cart.
Census reports of Nacogdoches and its jurisdictions. Includes for some years separate listings for Nacogdoches City, Attoyac to the Loco, Attoyac River and Ayish Bayou, West of Nacogdoches to the Trinity River, from Attoyac to Nacogdoches, from Attoyac to the Trinity, and foreigners. 1809 census includes descriptions of "residence and goods possessed
Volume 19: Nacogdoches Archives, 1831-1835Add to your cart.
Census Reports for Nacogdoches, Includes for some years separate listings for foreigners, Attoyac to Trinity, San Augustine, Sabine,Teneha, Nacogdoches West to Angelina, Nacogdoches to Northwest, East to Attoyac, Nacogdoches to Southwest, Berry Settlement, Jasper (Bevil Settlement), and Williams Settlement.
Volume 20: Bexar Archives, 1802-1810Add to your cart.
"Journal of Operation and New Occurrences;" "Diary of Events [and Operations] which Occurred;" "Monthly Report of Detachment [of soldiers] at Nacogdoches." [These reports consist of the daily activities occuring in the Nacogdoches area which were reported to headquarters. Includes a tally of the number of soldiers and their duties. See also Volumes LXXIII and LXXIV.]
Volume 21: Nacogdoches Archives, 1827-1830Add to your cart.
Correspondence of Alcalde and Ayuntamiento of Nacogdoches with political chief of Bexar.
Volume 22: Nacogdoches Archives, 1821-1861Add to your cart.

Minutes of Ayuntamiento of Nacogdoches (translated), 1828-1835. Blotter Book of Official Communication with the Captain's Civil Administrator 1829-1834.

Nacogdoches County court cases, 1844-1861

Volume 23: William Goyens (Goins, Goings), 1827-1861Add to your cart.
Documents relating to William Goyens from Nacogdoches County records.
Volume 24: William Goyens (Goins, Goings), 1838-1860Add to your cart.
(cont) Documents relating to William Goyens from Nacogdoches County records.
Volume 25: Nacogdoches County and District Court Records, 1836-1880Add to your cart.

Documents relating to William Goyens, 1856-1880.

Documents relating to Sam Houston, 1836-1859

Volume 26: Charles S. Taylor Papers, 1818-1859Add to your cart.
Selected letters and papers of Judge Charles S. Taylor. (Originals in the Catholic Archives.)
Volume 27: Nacogdoches County and District Court Records, 1832-1855Add to your cart.
Documents relating to Individuals who participated in the Texas Revolution. Second part of volume devoted to suits in which Sam Houston was involved.
Volume 28: Entrance Certificates, 1835-1836Add to your cart.

Entrance Certificates and Oaths of Allegiance [Record of Foreigners].

Essays by R. B. Blake concerning interatomic planetary theory, astronomy, and Nacogdoches and the [Texas] Centennial, ca. 1930-1936.

Volume 29: Nacogdoches Archives, 1830-1839Add to your cart.

State of Coahuila and Texas vs. Antonio Coy, for murder, 1830-1831 (p. 1-316).

Muster Rolls of the Texas Revolution, 1835-1839 (p. 317-407)

Volume 30: Nacogdoches Archives, 1827-1836Add to your cart.

Book of Foreigners settled at Nacogdoches with date of application for citizenship and action of the authorities on such applications (p. 1-147).

ESSAY: Location of Spanish Missions in East Texas, by R. B. Blake, ca. 1950 (p. 148-257).

Volume 31: Nacogdoches District Court, 1836Add to your cart.
Battle of San Jacinto depositions in the case of John Forbes vs. Nicholas D. Labadie.
Volume 32: Miscellaneous, 1773-1852Add to your cart.

University of Texas thesis: The Life of Thomas Jefferson Chambers, by Llerena B. Friend, 1928 (p.1-185).

Nacogdoches County records: Relating to Edmund Morris Four League Grant, 1851-1852 (p. 186-382). (Includes much on the very early history of Nacogdoches and East Texas.)

Spanish records: Royal decree for suppression and extinction of the missions near Nacogdoches, 6 May 1773 (p. 383-398):

Nuestra Senora del Pilar de los Adais

Nuestra Senora de los Dolores de los Ais

Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe de los Nacogdoches

Nuestra Senora de la Luz del Orcoquizac

Volume 33: Miscellaneous, 1751-1853Add to your cart.

Nacogdoches District Court records: James C. Scott vs. Cephus K. Andrews, et al.,1851-1853 (p. 1-115).

Bexar Archives: Trial of Henry Quirk, et al., 7 October 1808-4 March 1810 (p. 116-309).

Nacogdoches Archives: Correspondence and reports from Royal Presidio of Our Lady of the Pilar of Los Adaes and Royal Presidio of Our Lady of San Augustine de Ahimada and others, concerning location of the presidio and mission at the Springs of Santa Rosa del Alcazan, 1751-1758 (p. 311-418).

Volume 34: Miscellaneous, 1744-1859Add to your cart.

Bexar Archives: Investigation for the site of the Presidio San Augustine de Ahumada, and mission, 21 May 1760 (p. 1-135).

Texas Historical Quarterly: "Bonilla's Brief Compendium of the History of Texas, 1772 ," July 1904 (p. 136-205).

Nacogdoches Archives: Royal Decree ... re certain abuses ... Province of Texas, 1744 (p. 206-239).

Records relating to the Clark family, 1839-1844 (p. 240-243).

Records relating to the Crain family, 1850-ca.1889 (p. 244-266).

Records relating to Charles Ames, administrator of estate of Robert Potter; trial of William P. Rose, et al. for murder of Potter; 1842-1859 (p. 267-345).

The History of Harriet Ames during early days of Texas, written by herself, ca. 1890 (p. 346-397).

Volume 35: Miscellaneous, 1528-1934Add to your cart.

Historical notebook of Dr. George L. Crockett, documents and information relating to the history of East Texas, 1528-ca.1895 (p. 1-213).

Masonry in San Augustine County, Texas, 1837-1911 (p. 214-264).

San Augustine County and East Texas deed records, land grants, sales, etc., 1800s (p. 265-294).

Lamar Papers, excerpts concerning Indian wars in East Texas, 1830s (p. 295-362).

"Early history of Freestone County," published by Lewis Publishing Company, 1893 (p. 363-367).

Documents relating to the Anderson family, 1921-1934 (p.368-402).

Volume 36: Miscellaneous, 1690-1768Add to your cart.

"Various Indian Tribes in Texas, 1690-1828, Their Customs, Habits and Beliefs," collected by R. B. Blake.

Transcriptions of historical documents and letters, including the de Solis Diary (1767-1768); articles from the Southwestern Historical Quarterly.

Volume 37: Masonic Lodge (Masons), 1838-1918Add to your cart.
Milam Lodge, no. 2, Nacogdoches, Texas, notes from Minute Books, 1838-1918.
Volume 38: Spanish Records, General Land Office, 1821-1835Add to your cart.
Land grants, colonization, revolutionary stirrings; establishment of Lavaca, Liberty, Tenoxtitldan, Galveston, and Anahauc; reports concerning the "20 Frontier Leagues."
Volume 39: Spanish Records, General Land Office, 1830-1833Add to your cart.
"Official correspondence and land titles relating to the establishment of the town of Liberty in 1831; the early conflicts with authorities at Anahuac."
Volume 40: Spanish Records, 1772-1801Add to your cart.

Spanish archives [translations] records relating to Philip Nolan; gifts to Indians; account of the Collector of Royal Revenue, 1791-1801(p. 1-184)

Archivo General de Mexico [Transcript, with Calendar] "Texas - Various matters of this province," documents relating to Indians, East Texas missions, Antonio Gil Ybarbo petition to return to East Texas, 1772-1774 (p. 185-364).

Volume 41: Miscellaneous, 1833-1834Add to your cart.

Frost Thorn Journal, November 1833-March 1834, account book for goods sold, probably at Frost's Nacogdoches store (p. 1-207).

Nacogdoches County and District Court documents relating to Frost Thorn (p. 208-217).

Archivo General de Mexico, Historic Operaciones de Guerra, Manuel Salcedo (p. 218-415).

Volume 42: Charles S. Taylor LettersAdd to your cart.
Charles S. Taylor, selected letters, papers, and family record book.
Volume 43: War of the Regulators and Moderators, 1844Add to your cart.
Material relating to the history of the War of the Regulators and Moderators of Shelby County, Texas, 1844, accounts of the conflict.
Volume 44: Archivo General de Mexico, 1773-1783, 1847Add to your cart.

Notebook that corresponds for the completion of the Expediente, (p. 1-208).

Expediente concerning the abandonment of the village of Nuestra Senora del Pilar de Bucareli, partly due to Indian troubles [Antonio Gil Y'barbo and his people] (p.209-394).

Nacogcoches District Court case: William A. Burns vs. State of Texas (p. 395-404).

Volume 45: MiscellaneousAdd to your cart.

Captain Antonio Gil Y'barbo of Nacogdoches, collected from a variety of sources, by R.B. Blake (p. 1-281).

Nacogdoches Traditions, by J. E. Mayfield, ca. 1940 (p. 282-35

Volume 46: Miscellaneous, 1813Add to your cart.
Warren A. Ferris, letters & papers; John Salmon Ford Memoirs; Hernando de Soto itinerary; Historia de Florida, excerpts relating to Garcilaso de la Vega; Villa de la Santissima Trinidad de Salcedo, by R. B. Blake; Moscoso in Texas, by R. B. Blake; Arrendondo to Elizondo correspondence [1813]; Journey of La Salle, from Tonty's Memoirs; Red River, notes from encyclopedias; Handbook of American Indians excerpts; notes on towns along the Mississippi; excerpts from Bolton's "Athanaise de Mizieres and Louisana-Texas Frontier."
Volume 47: MiscellaneousAdd to your cart.
The life of Colonel Alexander Horton, by Sam Houston Horton; excerpts from Horton's diary of events in early Texas history inlcuding the Battle of San Jacinto and the Shelby County Regulator and Moderators War; history and description of San Augustine.
Volume 48: MiscellaneousAdd to your cart.
Miscellaneous records from Nacogdoches, Cherokee, Angelina counties; records of Nacogdoches Board of Land Commissioners; information on cemeteries, El Camino Real (the King's Highway), etc.
Volume 49: Nacogdoches Archives, 1827-1829Add to your cart.
Blotter Book of Communications from Alcade and Ayuntamiento to Political chief, etc., Nacogdoches, 1827-1829.
Volume 50: MiscellaneousAdd to your cart.
Nacogdoches Historical Miscellany, historical writtings by R. B. Blake on Taylor, Dill, Cleavenger, Rusk, Goyens; University of Texas thesis on Baron de Bastrop, by R. W. Moore [1932]; lost missions, census, documents from Nacogdoches Archives, etc.
Volume 51: Ables-BateyAdd to your cart.
Biographical notes, business papers, letters, documents including deed records, claims to land, and other records relating to early East Texas settlers, gathered for families from Ables alphebtically through Batey.
Volume 52: Bean-BritchtaAdd to your cart.
Same as volume 51
Volume 53: Brooks-CroeAdd to your cart.
Same as volume 51; also includes (between CORTINAS and CORZINE material) report of Mexican insurrection of 1838, the "Cordova Rebellion," and of treason trials and rebellions (p. 266-353).
Volume 54: Cruz-DuncanAdd to your cart.
Same as volume 51; includes much material on Revolution and Republic period.
Volume 55: Durst-GibsonAdd to your cart.
Same as volume 51
Volume 56: Gilbert-HollandAdd to your cart.
Same as volume 51
Volume 57: HamiltonAdd to your cart.
Same as volume 51
Volume 58: Holman-MaysAdd to your cart.
Same as volume 51
Volume 59: Medina-PadillaAdd to your cart.
Same as volume 51
Volume 60: Pardo-ReavesAdd to your cart.
Same as volume 51
Volume 61: Riall-SesmaAdd to your cart.
Same as volume 51
Volume 62: Sewell-TaylorAdd to your cart.
Same as volume 51
Volume 63: Teal-ZuberAdd to your cart.
Same as volume 51
Volume 64: Historical MiscellanyAdd to your cart.

Alamo, fall of, etc.

Deed records in Nacogdoches, etc., ca. 1800s.

Catholic church in Nacogdoches, early times to 20th century.

Nacogdoches missions.

Town of Chireno.

Constitution of Texas, 1 April 1833.

Fort Teran.

Miscellaneous historical tales of Nacogdoches and how East Texans built their houses.

Volume 65: Historical MiscellanyAdd to your cart.

Indian tribes, Indian affairs, Indian troubles, state list of Indian markers; other incidents, such as Fredonian Rebellion mixed in with Indian material (p. 1-240).

Court cases in Nacogdoches (p. 240-312).

Heirs of Henry Russell vs. James Mason, Shelby County, 1851(p. 313-340).

King's Highway (p. 341-340). Measurements of land by Spanish (p. 353-356).

Tombstone and marker inscriptions of early Nacogdoches citizens (p. 357-411).

Volume 66: Historical MiscellanyAdd to your cart.

Material from Lamar Papers, Nacogdoches Archives, Crocket papers, etc.

Establishment of Masonic Lodge chapters in Houston, San Augustine, Douglas, Nacogdoches, Austin, Galveston, Louisiana.

Edwards family genealogy, family Bible of Haden H. Edwards; the Edwards' records include genealogy of the Sternes, Dursts, Davenports, Frost Thorns. Requests for land grants; deeds showing how these grants changed hands.

Missions: exploring for sites of missions of times past. Criminal Process vs. Ancelmo Vergara and Luis Grande (the Spanish transcript; translation in Vol. LXX).

Volume 67: Historical Miscellany, 1796-1830Add to your cart.

Accounts of early Nacogdoches, mostly complied by R. B. Blake as special papers during his life-time; some from original documents.

Petitions, pageant, Battle of Nacogdoches, History of Nacogdoches, mission sites, historic rites, historical sites, European Influence, Spanish and French rivalry in Nacogdoches, Gil Y'Barbo, Burcareli, etc.;

Texas Republic;

Committee of Vigilance and Safety; Census records for 1796, 1827, 1828, 1829, 1830; Nacogdoches University, law establishing, trustees, students' names, etc. (p. 339-413).

Volume 68: Historical MiscellanyAdd to your cart.

Some early documents; but chiefly papers based on historical research. Neches River, history of name, etc.; newspapers, early ones of Nacogdoches, San Augustine, etc.; early churches and missions; Old Stone Fort; Fredonian Rebellion; Battle of Nacogdoches; protestantism, trail blazers; Revolution, lists of men killed in various companies; burial places of soldiers;

San Jacinto, "Phantom Horsemen of San Jacinto," by Frank R. Trimble; "Who Won the Battle of San Jacinto," by R. M. Coleman; Velasco, 1837.

Volume 69: Historical Miscellany, 1762-1940Add to your cart.

Land grants, schools, towns, use of water. Sources of information: Bexar archives, Nacogdoches archives, State Library archives, U. S. Geological Survey.

SCHOOLS: beginnings of secular, church, Masonic schools in the state, 1828-1940; Nacogdoches and other East Texas areas; List of schools in Texas; blotter copy of minutes of Board of Trustees of Nacogdoches University.

TOWNS: ghost towns and posts, especially in East Texas; Smugglers' Road.

LAND grants and orders to survey the borders of the Trinity River and select place to establish a settlement of 50 families and a mission.

WATER supply: sources, irrigation, law suits re use, government surveys (1762), decisions on availability & use for business and for families, for East Texas and rest of state, especially San Antonio.

Volume 70: Bexar Archives, 1810-1812Add to your cart.

Legal matters relating to Magee of the Magee-Gutierrez Expedition. Cause formed by Superior Order against the defendents Michael Quinn and John Magee, settlers in the town of Trinidad, 1810, (p. 1-212).

Criminal Process vs. Ancelmo Vergara and Luis Grande, 1812. Trial for criminal treason, San Fernando de Bexar. Summary practiced against Ancelmo Vergara for deserting to the American revolutionists who under the command of Gutierrez took Nacogdoches.

Volume 71: Bexar Archives, 1749-1791Add to your cart.

30 December 1749-8 April 1791.

Presidio of Los Adaes; Angel de Martes y Navarrete; Gil Ybarbo in charge of accounts of Adaes beginning in 1771; Nacogdoches correspondence of Gil Y'Barbo.

Volume 72: Bexar Archives, 1791-1802Add to your cart.

8 April 1791-19 January 1802.

Correspondence: Gil Y'Barbo to Gov. Manuel Munoz (p. 1-62); Christoval de Cordova, Pedro de Nava, Baron Carondelet, Jose Maria Guadiana, Manuel del Moral, Juan Ignacio de Arispe; Expediente concerning Gil Ybarbo (p. 223-255); letters to Gov. Elguezabal.

Volume 73: Bexar Archives, 1802-1809Add to your cart.

20 January 1802-18 June 1809.

Communications from Nacogdoches to the various governors of the state. Expediente of J. E. Michamps, et al., Puesto de Atascosito; Diary of Operations at Nacogdoches [See also Volumes XX and LXXIV.]

Volume 74: Bexar Archives, 1809-1812Add to your cart.

9 June 1809-25 October 1812.

"Life and Activities" of residents of Nacogdoches, Nachitoches, and area; correspondence with officials; Diary of Operations at Villa de Trinidad and at Nacogdoches; Records of foreigners who are established residents of Nacogdoches, with declarations taken, etc.; investigation of contract of Daniel Boone. [See also Volumes XX and LXXIII.]

Volume 75: Bexar Archives, 1812-1835Add to your cart.

26 October 1812-24 October 1835.

Correspondence of Governors of Texas and Political Chiefs; lists of officers, etc.

Volume 1SUPP: Bexar Archives, 1745-1779Add to your cart.

1 October 1745-17 December 1779.

Digital copy courtesy of Clayton Library.

Official correspondence, reports, records.

Investigation of French settlement on Texas coast, conducted by Don Joaquin De Orobio, 1745 (p. 1-27);

Los Adaes: a) letters complaining of living conditions, b) accounts, c) care of citizens of abandoned Los Adaes (p. 28-30, 128-133, etc.);

Spanish Government vs. Andres Chirino (p. 31-113);

Bucareli: a) law and order, Y'Barbo, disaster at Bucareli (p. 134-158, 167-185);

Coastal investigations: mouth of Colorado, Brazos & unexplored coastline (p. 181-190);

Indian affairs: pleasant business affairs, cautions about treatment, wars and rumors of rebellions, restoration of leaders; Boundary arguments: land ownership, legal controls along disputed boundary of Texas and Louisiana; Gil Y'barbo: promotions, demotions, trials, banishment to Cuba, reinstatement as citizen of Texas, etc.; Nacogdoches: recommendations that village and presidio replace Bucareli in Spanish Administration of eastern part of province; Investigation of government of Baron de Ripperda, 1779 (p. 240-285);

Death and burial of Mezieres (p. 309-).

Volume 2SUPP: Bexar Archives, 1780-1791Add to your cart.

5 January 1780-31 December 1791.

Digital copy courtesy of Clayton Library.

Official correspondence and records between the Commandante General of the Provinces Internas, the governors and interim governors of the Province of Texas, the Lt. Governor of Nacogdoches and a few Louisiana officials.

Commandant General Succession: Cavellero de Croix (p.1-71); Felipe (Phelipe) de Neve (p. 72-144); Joseph Rengel (p. 145-184); Jacob Ugarte y Loyola (p. 186-).

Governors of Texas succession: Domingo Cabello (p. 1-192); Rafael Martinez Pacheco (ad interim) (p.193-321); Manuel Munoz (p. 322-424).

Orders relating to suppressed presidios and villages of Los Adaes, Bucareli, Orciquiz and abandonment of missions at Ayis, Nacogdoches and others without Indians; send people to San Antonio.

Gil Y'Barbo, salary, debts, tax collection reports, census reports, legal battles, knowledge of Indians, etc.

Indians, trade with, gifts, rebellions, Capt. Mocho and the evil he and the Tonakaways do, the Friendly Nations, etc.

Arguments with Louisiana rulers over boundaries and legal powers.

Josef Mares Diary, from Santa Fe to Bexar.

Brother Josef Mariano de la Garza, report of traveling with settlers from 1775-1781.

Volume 3SUPP: Bexar Archives, 1792-1798Add to your cart.

2 January 1792-27 November 1798

Digital copy courtesy of Clayton Library.

Official correspondence, reports and records chiefly concerning: Don Antonio Gil Y'Barbo, conduct of affairs in Nacogdoches, handling contraband, land owership, legal suits and trials. Don Antonio Leal, reports on his affairs in Louisiana and Texas, and his relationship with Nolan. Philip Nolan, reports on his activities in Louisiana and Texas. Resettlement of citizens of suppressed Los Adaes and Bucareli. Coastline investigations. Indian visitations, rebellions, etc. Fears of Texas revolution. Disagreements with Louisiana and the French. General affairs in Nacogdoches, including one or two census records.

Volume 4SUPP: Bexar Archives, 1799-1804Add to your cart.

5 January 1799-20 December 1804.

Digital copy courtesy of Clayton Library.

Official letters, reports, orders and replies between various authorities in Nacogdoches and the upper echelon including the King of Spain. Philip Nolan, expeditions, intrigues, group attacks, death, capture and imprisonment of his party and their transfer to Mexico. Robert Ashley and his group threaten to come in from Natchez to fulfill Nolan's plans. Don Antonio Y'Barbo: debts, expedientes, wages, family, banishment from Nacogdoches and return. Indian affairs: trade, treaties, rebellions, legal residence, leaders, troubles between Texas and Louisana tribes. Founding of Tensas Nation. General government organizational administrative changes in both the provinces and in Nacogdoches. Texas-Louisiana boundary settlement after Louisiana ceded to France and sold to U.S.. Immigration from Louisiana to Texas. Nacogdoches: political and military government, building church, organizing school, new stockades, analysis of community life, geography, fiscal affairs, agriculture, etc. (See especially pages 199, 204, 208, 211-215, 218-222, 247-252, 266-67, 284, 347, 362-369).

Volume 5SUPP: Bexar Archives, 1805-1807Add to your cart.

1 January 1805-18 May 1807.

Digital copy courtesy of Clayton Library.

Correspondence re Louisiana and Texas boundary disputes with attendant problems. Discussion of and action on the settlement of the boundary line involving the U.S. and Louisiana government and that of the Spanish, especially in the Province of Texas. Attendent discussions involve courting the friendship of the Indian tribes, establishing new frontier garrisons, reconnoitering coast and interior water ways, strengthening Nacogdoches, control of foreigners in Texas, dealing with contraband, rumors of war with the U.S.A., troop movements. Number of persons in Province of Texas. First Bishop of New Kingdom of Leon, his travels and rituals involved, (p.13+ ).

Petitions by Louisiana families for permission to leave the U.S. governed province and settle in Texas. Agreements reached, (p.19, 122).

Census of troups which garrison, Texas. Founding of Trinidad de Salcedo. List of ranches in the village of Our Lady of Pilar of Nacogdoches. (p. 408-410).

Expediente concerning slave, (p. 362-374).

Indian tribes: Ais, Alabama, Bidais, Cadadacho, Carankaways, Chicasaw, Choctaw, Commanche, Coshatta. Hainais, Lipans, Nacogdochitos, Orcoquisac, Panans or Panis, Tahuayac, Tancahue, Towakany, Waco.

Volume 6SUPP: Bexar Archives, 1807-1809Add to your cart.

18 May 1807-26 September 1809.

<strong style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 11.199999809265137px;">Digital copy </strong><span style="font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 11.199999809265137px;">courtesy of </span>Clayton Library<span style="font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 11.199999809265137px;">.</span>

Official communications and diaries about colony finances, government, problems of smuggling and contraband, emigrants from Louisana and Florida, populations of new towns, census reports, building defenses for Province of Texas, pursuit of enemy groups and individuals, protecting Indians, U.S. forts of Louisianand Texas border, ferry boats, trade for supplies.

Expedients vs. Jose Antonio de Leon, including Galban's diary of pursuit from Nacogdoches to Sabine River, (p. 35-80).

Diary of expedition of Guadiana from La Mesa to Attoyac, (p. 116-124).

Capt. Francisco Amangual's expedition from San Antonio to New Mexico "to preserve the independence of the Indians.....," (p. 126-217).

Viana-Cordero certifies to his special service to the King of Spain, (p. 241+). Census of Trinidad de Salcedo, (p. 231+).

Miguel Crow and ferry boat, (p.351+, 403).

Life and activity sketches of "foreigners" and 'citizens" in the Province of Texas without proper papers or passports: Pierre Latrigue; John Wilburg.

Volume 7SUPP: Bexar Archives, 1809-1812Add to your cart.

26 September 1809-1 July 1812.

Frontier defense; foreigners in frontier country; Neutral Ground. Biographical sketches and oaths of fidelity. Trinidad de Salcedo defense. Benavida, diary of operation on contraband. Salcedo, diary of operation to frontier country. Ruiz's deposition on Neutral Ground. Garcia, diary of operation to Sabine; report on foreigners, (p.61-71; 196-207).

Joseph Newman, petition. Louis Richard, expediente by Guadiana. Garsilla, diary of operations to Tahuayases. Salcedo and Bonavia, correspondence on location of foreigners among Indians, (p. 95-102).

Foreigners in Nacogdoches: reports of ministers to Salcedo and testimony of each individual, (p. 103-168).

Nacogdoches: conditions in village, juriisdiction, etc., (p. 169-222).

Neutral Ground, Guadiana's sortie, (p. 227-238).

Daniel Boone, Contracts to make firearms, (p. 240-256).

War, threats against Mexico, (p. 257-274).

William Barr, death. Atascosito, troops present and journal of events, (p. 275-309).

Trinidad, troops present and journal of events, (p. 280-306).

War: more threats, plots; Neutral Gound trouble, Indian invasions, etc.

Volume 8SUPP: Bexar Archives, 1812-1824Add to your cart.

1 July 1812-7 Sept, 1824.

Digital copy courtesy of Clayton Library.

Activities concerning defense of Spanish territory against Texas revolutionaries and U.S. aggression. Lists of individuals attached to the Post, armaments, defense plans, Trinidad. Nacogdoches, conditions, commandants, plots, revolutions in village. Lists of troops, Bexar Company, Parras, New Kingdom of Leon, New Santander. Outline of plans for the defense of The Frontier. List of officers of Coahuila and Texas, (p. 117-120).

List of individuals coming from interior to Bahia. Galveston, revolt planned. Trinity, Neches, Sabine rivers, investigations of mouth of. Joseph Daily, declaration to Gov. Pardo on revolutionary plans in the Neutral Ground, (p. 154+).

Jose Ignacio Flores, diary of events, Bahia (1817). Corpus Christi Island, scouting and reprots from Galveston (under LaFitte), (p. 183-193).

Jose Salinas, diary of operations, Atascosito to Key of Gallardo (1819). Declarations taken from foreigners & Spaniards coming from the interior. Chrsition Hesser, land at Three Plains. Tresplacios, proposal of national bank; journal for Bank of Texas (1822). Treaty between Richard Fields of Cherokee Nation and the Governor, (p. 320).

James Dill, petition in his favor signed by Nacogdoches citizens, (p. 349-353). Alcaldes, election returns for Ayish Bayou and Nacogdoches. Nacogdoches, names of citizens swearing allegiance to Mexican Government, (p. 394-395).

Names of citizens who will shed last drop of blood for independence, (p. 266-267).

Volume 9SUPP: Bexar Archives, 1824-1835Add to your cart.

7 Sept.1824-24 Oct.1835.

Digital copy courtesy of Clayton Library.

Texas Independence: plots and counterplots, scattered uprisings in San Felipe, Anahuac, Nacogdoches, Bexar, La Bahia, etc.; first, to make Texas a state in Mexican Republice separate from Coahuila; second, to achieve independent republic status. Land grants. Foreigners in province.

Physical plan for town of Nacogdoches (1826, p 68; 1829, p. 129-139).

Atascosita District inhabitants, list voting to join Austin's colony or Nacogdoches. Complaints against. Jose de los Piedras, alcalde of Nacogdoches. Petition for road to coast as navigation point for Orleans. Milton Slocum received in Nacogdoches as Director of the Press. Elisha Roberts and Ayish Bayou.

Volume 10SUPP: Nacogdoches Archives, 1744-1826Add to your cart.

24 July 1744-26 July 1826.

Digital copy courtesy of Clayton Library.

Advice given in Acts...by virtue of Royal Decree...concerning..Province of Texas (1744) (p.1-20).

Lawrence River south; La Salle and his search for Mississippi River; etc. (1690-1731).

Jacinto de Barrios y Jauergui, orders to survey banks of Trinity River; explorations to find place for settlement of 30 families (1762), (p. 21-61).

Nacogdoches, number of inhabitants (1783). Philip Nolan, reports of his activities (1800). Texas-Louisiana-U. S. Government: Border line disputes (1803), (p. 72-100).

Ugarte and others, request to settle families in Louisiana (1804). New government for internal provinces (1805) (p. 101-104).

U.S. forces along border (1805) (p. 104-118).

Fort Claiborne (1805) (p. 123-125); (1806) (p. 142-143).

Claiborne's Proclamation regarding rebellions (1812) (p. 212-213).

Taba-Salcedo correspondence (1812) (p. 214-218).

Arredondo, communications on defense of Spanish territory, especially at Galveston, Matagorda, Atacoscito, borderline, etc.(1812-1827) (p. 221-260).

Nacogdoches, petitions and answers of citizens on land and citizenship, election returns (1823-24) (p.278-287).

Legal cases involving Haden Edwards, Nichols Trammel, estate of James Dill, Bridget Nancarro, Jose Cruz, Jose Antonio Sepulveda, Leonard Dubois, Jones, Luce and Hampton (1826).

Volume 11SUPP: Nacogdoches Archives, 1826-1829Add to your cart.

27 July 1826-30 May 1829.

Digital copy courtesy of Clayton Library.

Volume 12SUPP: Nacogdoches Archives, 1829-1833Add to your cart.
1 June 1829-28 November 1833.
Volume 13SUPP: Nacogdoches Archives, 1833-1835Add to your cart.

5 December 1833- 13 April 1835.

Digital copy courtesy of Clayton Library.

Volume 14SUPP: Nacogdoches Archives, 1835-1836Add to your cart.

14 Apri 1835-31 December 1836.

Digital copy courtesy of Clayton Library.

Volume 15SUPP: Nacogdoches Archives, 1744-1825Add to your cart.
8 August 1744-26 October 1825.
Volume 16SUPP: Nacogdoches Archives, 1825-1830Add to your cart.
26 October 1825-7 November 1830.
Volume 17SUPP: Nacogdoches Archives, 1830-1835Add to your cart.
10 November 1830-18 June 1835.
Volume 18SUPP: Masonic Lodge (Masons), 1823-1941Add to your cart.

De Witt Clinton Lodge No. 29, A.F. & A. M., Jasper, Texas , 1823-1918 (p.1-239).

Jeff Davis Lodge (clandestine) (p. 240-241).

Nacogdoches chapter minutes, 8 June 1851-1941,(p. 242-289).