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By Linda Reynolds, 2006; Kyle Ainsworth, 2012

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Boxes 1-8 (12 linear feet) do not have a defined intellectual hierarchy beyond the physical box/folder division of the collection. Box 9 (0.5 linear feet) is a 2012 addendum and arranged into 3 series:

1. Presidents (9 folders)

2. Politicians and Political Events (3 folders)

3. Miscellaneous (1 folder)

Subjects: Families -- Texas, East, Genealogy, Wade, Ronald E. -- Family

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Family History material from Upshur County, Texas

Collection Historical Note

Ronald Ellis Wade was born in Gilmer, Upshur County, Texas, the son of Ellis Whitfield Wade and Rosedyne Langford Wade. As a child Ron would sit at the feet of his grandparents and great-grandparents and listen to family lore. His grandfathers, James Clifton Langford and Harvey Surestus Wade, remembered hundreds of stories told to them by their own grandparents about the Civil War and life in the 1800's in the Southern United States.

At the age of 17 Ron wrote his first book, A Pioneer Southern Family Life published by the Texian Press of Waco, Texas recording all of the family lore he had meticulously recorded. He published a second book The Langford Legacy in 1983 also by the Texian Press. As the "family historian" members of the family gave Ron fascinating family correspondence, photographs, records and artifacts which he carefully preserved and are included in this archive.

Ron Wade has been active in politics since age 10--during the 1960 Nixon/Kennedy race. Wade was appointed by President Richard Nixon to his advisory council on ending the draft and Wade met with Nixon in the Oval Office as a college student and continued a friendship which would last a lifetime. Wade has been friends as well with Presidents Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, and is a close friend of President George W. Bush. Wade was appointed by President George H. W. Bush to his Presidential Inaugural Committee, was a Bush floor leader at the 1988 GOP Conventions and regional director for Bush's races in 1980, 1988 and 1992. Wade was a delegate to the 1988 Republican National Convention and all state conventions since 1972. His interest in the Presidency led to his 2005 building of an exact replica of the White House Oval Office in his home in Longview, Texas.

Subject/Index Terms

Families -- Texas, East
Wade, Ronald E. -- Family

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1896 Wade account book
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Gilmer Church of the Nazarene history
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Little Mound Baptist Church, Old Calloway, TX history
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"A Profile of a Christian", by James Cleyon Langford, book
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Notebook 1-1 Genealogy research, census records
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Notebook 1-2 Genealogy research, census records
Folder 7Add to your cart.
Notebook 1-3 Genealogy research, census records
Folder 8Add to your cart.
Notebook 1-4 Genealogy research
Folder 9Add to your cart.
Notebook 1-5 Genealogy research
Folder 10Add to your cart.
Notebook 2-1 Genealogy research
Folder 11Add to your cart.
Notebook 2-2 Genealogy research
Folder 12Add to your cart.
Notebook 2-3 Genealogy research
Folder 13Add to your cart.
Notebook 2-4 Genealogy research
Folder 14Add to your cart.
Notebook 2-5 Genealogy research
Folder 15Add to your cart.
Notebook 3-1 Genealogy research
Folder 16Add to your cart.
Notebook 3-2 Genealogy research
Folder 17Add to your cart.
Notebook 3-3 Genealogy research
Folder 18Add to your cart.
Notebook 3-4 Genealogy research
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Notebook 3-5 Genealogy research
Folder 20Add to your cart.
Notebook 4-1 Thomas Jeffereson Knight receipts 1860-1880's
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Notebook 4-2 Deed, William J Sanders (brother of Mrs. Knight) to Thomas J Knight, Upshur Co, TX, June 5, 1855 Deed, Sarah Ann Kelsey to Thomas J. Knight, Harrison Co, TX, June 24, 1856 Deed, John C Marshall to THomas J. Knight, Upshur Co, TX, november 23, 1869 Indemnifying Bond, Rusk Co, TX
Folder 22Add to your cart.
Notebook 4-3 Recipt by Jesse Glasco and P.K. Williams, 1880 Post card, Ola Wade fom Adie Wade, 1907, (Ola Latch, daughter of L.A. Latch who married Harvey S. Wade from step-mother of H.S. Wade) 4 Receipts 1877, 1891, 1929 Photo, Uncle Henry Knight and Cousins Photo, Monument of Thomas Jefferson Knight at Grace Cemetery
Folder 23Add to your cart.
Notebook 4-4 Deed, S.C. Hart to T.J. Knight, Upshur Co, TX, June 21, 1858 Document, T.J. Knight overseer of portion of Sulphur Springs road, 1856 Letter, W.A. Ward from T.J. Knight,, July 31, 1882, land proposition Receipt, Henry Knight, Upshur Co, TX, November 23, 1889
Folder 24Add to your cart.
Notebook 4-5 Tintype-3 unidentified males Receipts 1865, 1870 Letter, T.J. Knight from S.M. Hopping,Texas & St.Louis Railway Co, November 9, 1883, re: William Porter and Joe Fuller and land document signatures
Folder 25Add to your cart.
Notebook 4-6 Receipts, 1871, 1872, 1882
Folder 26Add to your cart.
Notebook 4-7 Receipts, 1883, 1913 Newspaper clipping "Laws frequently violated"
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Notebook 4-8 The Farmers Journal, newspaper May 10, 1911, Socialist newspaper
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Notebook 4-9 Receipts, 1914, 1920 Pamphlet "Six years of the Guaranty Fund", by John S. Patterson Letter, from B.J. Wade, February 11, 1841 Information about Benjamin Franklin Wade, President pro tempore of the U.S. Senate, 1867
Folder 29Add to your cart.
Notebook 4-10 Recipe for asthma remedy WWI, Class 4 Selective Services card Tax receipt, 1872 Photo, W.H. Mathis, 1920 Photo, T.J. And Viola Petty, 1925 Photo, Mr & Mrs William Henry Mathis, 1918
Folder 30Add to your cart.
Notebook 4-11 Tax receipt, 1904 Loan receipt, 1926
Folder 31Add to your cart.
Notebook 4-12 Tax receipts, 1882,1885, 1881, 1885 receipt, 1871 Post card, Johnnie Langford from Serina Small, 1911
Folder 32Add to your cart.
Notebook 4-13 W.R. Hammonds note, November 5, 1901 P.P. Langford note, October 23, 1908 Letter, Mrs La Pitty from Zula D., October 22, 1915, re: buying winter clothes Letter, Mrs La Petty from Zula D., November 14, 1915, re: John is sick Letter, Mrs Zula Dempsey from Maye, February 3, 1916, re: travel plans Letter, P.P. Langford from Clarence, October 1, 1918, re: military training Letter, P.P. Langford from Clarence, october 5, 1918, re: military training Letter, Y.M. Langford from Jim and Vickey Nicholas, 1913, re: new baby Lertie Mae
Folder 33Add to your cart.
Notebook 4-14 Bookletl listing weather conditions Note to Jenie Barton, November 15, 1910 Promissory note, October 26, 1916 Promissory note, March 14, 1922 Invoice and letter from Sears, Roebuck & Co, exchanging tires, 1939
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Notebook 4-15 Receipts, 1875, 1884, 1908, 1912 Postcard, Y.M. Langford from G.M. houston, April 27, 1915
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Notebook 4-16 Receipts, 1881, 1887, 1891, 1894, 1916 Partial Deed, L.W. Maynon to A. J. Maynon, Upshur Co, TX, December 26, 1879 Deed, W.R. Hammond to Y.M. Langford, Upshur Co, TX, January 20, 1903 Deed, P.P. Langford,October 28, 1903
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Notebook 4-17 Postcard, Ola latch from Nana Steelman, August, 1905 Letter, H. Petty from Mattie, n.d. Record of amount of cotton picked, 1932 Deed, W.R. Hammond to P.P. Langford, Upshur co., TX, january 20, 1903
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notebook 4-18 Tax receipts, 1877, 1882, 1885, 1888
Folder 38Add to your cart.
Notebook 4-19 Letter, Daniel Gardner from A.P. Upshur, August 9, 1843,(Abel P. upshur is the namesake of Upshur Co, TX) Letter, Young Langford from Dock Nutt, January 29, 1916, re: news on death of family members Postcard, to Y.M. Langford from Geo & Emma Nichols, November 1913 Tax receipts, 1875, 1876
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Weade family ancestor/pedigree charts
Folder 40Add to your cart.
B family group sheets
Folder 41Add to your cart.
C, G, & K family group sheets
Folder 42Add to your cart.
James W. Langford III family group sheets
Folder 43Add to your cart.
Lewis B. Langford family group sheets
Folder 44Add to your cart.
Winney Pelt family group sheet
Folder 45Add to your cart.
Feseby Bice family group sheet
Folder 46Add to your cart.
Joseph A. Langford family group sheets
Folder 47Add to your cart.
William H. Langford family group sheet
Folder 48Add to your cart.
Abner F. Langford family group sheets
Folder 49Add to your cart.
Benjamin M. Langford family group sheet
Folder 50Add to your cart.
Der Septimus Langford family group sheets
Folder 51Add to your cart.
Young M. Langford family group sheets
Folder 52Add to your cart.
Young M. Langford family group sheets
Folder 53Add to your cart.
Francis F. Langford family group sheets
Folder 54Add to your cart.
James Langford II family group sheets
Folder 55Add to your cart.
James Langford I, family group sheets
Folder 56Add to your cart.
M, family group sheets
Folder 57Add to your cart.
N, family group sheets
Folder 58Add to your cart.
P, family group sheets
Folder 59Add to your cart.
S, family group sheets
Folder 60Add to your cart.
W, family group sheets
Folder 61Add to your cart.
Family Bible records
Folder 62Add to your cart.
Album of Rosedyne Langford Wade, 1940's
Folder 63Add to your cart.
Scrapbook of song lyrics and poems
Folder 64Add to your cart.
Newspaper clippings of men in WWII from Upshur co., TX
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History of Gilmer Church of the Nazarene
Folder 66Add to your cart.
Gilmer Church of the Nazarene
Folder 67Add to your cart.
"The men and women in WWII from Upshur Co", book
Folder 68Add to your cart.
"Mississippi A&M Southern Style" by J. Cleyon Langford
Folder 69Add to your cart.
Two star flag from WWII
Folder 70Add to your cart.
Miscellaneous Letter, Brother Schultz from Ellis Wade, August 7, 1977, re: becoming a minister Letter, Brother Schultz from Ellis Wade, October 16, 1977, re: minister license Certificate to Ellis Wade from Beverly Enterprises Letter, Ellis Wade from Mary Moody, April 9, 1983, re: Ron Wades book Photo of Georg Salter Photo of Ellis Wade 2 photos of East Mountain Tigers football team, n.d. Tintype of two unidentified females 2 photos of bird in flight

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