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Boxes 1-8 (12 linear feet) do not have a defined intellectual hierarchy beyond the physical box/folder division of the collection. Box 9 (0.5 linear feet) is a 2012 addendum and arranged into 3 series:

1. Presidents (9 folders)

2. Politicians and Political Events (3 folders)

3. Miscellaneous (1 folder)

Subjects: Families -- Texas, East, Genealogy, Wade, Ronald E. -- Family

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Family History material from Upshur County, Texas

Collection Historical Note

Ronald Ellis Wade was born in Gilmer, Upshur County, Texas, the son of Ellis Whitfield Wade and Rosedyne Langford Wade. As a child Ron would sit at the feet of his grandparents and great-grandparents and listen to family lore. His grandfathers, James Clifton Langford and Harvey Surestus Wade, remembered hundreds of stories told to them by their own grandparents about the Civil War and life in the 1800's in the Southern United States.

At the age of 17 Ron wrote his first book, A Pioneer Southern Family Life published by the Texian Press of Waco, Texas recording all of the family lore he had meticulously recorded. He published a second book The Langford Legacy in 1983 also by the Texian Press. As the "family historian" members of the family gave Ron fascinating family correspondence, photographs, records and artifacts which he carefully preserved and are included in this archive.

Ron Wade has been active in politics since age 10--during the 1960 Nixon/Kennedy race. Wade was appointed by President Richard Nixon to his advisory council on ending the draft and Wade met with Nixon in the Oval Office as a college student and continued a friendship which would last a lifetime. Wade has been friends as well with Presidents Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, and is a close friend of President George W. Bush. Wade was appointed by President George H. W. Bush to his Presidential Inaugural Committee, was a Bush floor leader at the 1988 GOP Conventions and regional director for Bush's races in 1980, 1988 and 1992. Wade was a delegate to the 1988 Republican National Convention and all state conventions since 1972. His interest in the Presidency led to his 2005 building of an exact replica of the White House Oval Office in his home in Longview, Texas.

Subject/Index Terms

Families -- Texas, East
Wade, Ronald E. -- Family

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Joseph H. Bell, 1819-1905 Genealogical research on Joseph H. Bell and his wife Emily Adaline Wade, daughter of Joseph Berry Wade Photo reprint of Joseph Bell and Emily Adaline Wade, n.d. Photo, Viola Bell, n.d., daughter of Joseph Henry Bell Photo reprint, Joseph H. Bell, n.d. Photo reprint, Emily Adalene Wade, n.d., daughter of Joseph Berry Wade
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Bingham Photo of Elijah Bingham Jr. and will of Elijah Bingham Sr
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John Wesley Carroll Jr. (1815-1897) Genealogical research mostly on Stephen Glynn Carroll son of John Wesley and Hulda Smith Hearn. Photo reprint of Steve & Hope Carroll, 1880 Photo of Cora Kenimer Carroll, 1898 Pamphlet Why Two Baptist General Bodies in Texas? The cause of the trouble by U.W. Jarrell
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Thomas Jefferson Knight, 1827-1912 Partial letter to Martha Ann Knight from Thomas Jefferson Knight, June 13, 1863, Jefferson, Texas, while on duty. Deed, Simeon R. Knight to Thomas J. Knight, October 23, 1852, Upshur County, Texas Deed, James Alford to Martha A. Knight, December 30, 1850, Shelby County, Texas Tax receipts for T.J. Knight, 1871-1891, Upshur County, Texas Photo reprint of Joseph Berry Wade (1815-1877) Photo reprint of possibly Thomas J. Knight and Martha Ann Sanders Knight, ca. 1865 Tintype, Ambrose Knight (1873-1958) Photo, Battle flag of Co. A. 17th Texas Cavalry, under which T.J. Knight & Henry Petty served out of Upshur Co. Genealogical research material on Thomas Jefferson Knight
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Thomas J. Knight Family Negative reprint, Addie Knight Wade, daughter of Thomas Jefferson Knight Negative reprint, Mirah Elizabeth Knight Wade, daughter of Thomas Jefferson Knight Genealogical research on Thomas J. Knight Family
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Knight Genealogy of David Britt Knight and Richard Evan Knight, two Knight families not directly related
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Young Marion Langford, (1831-1916),; personal papers Photo, Nichols family, 1901, Little Mound, daughter of Y.M. Langford Photo reprint of Young Marion and Elizabeth Langford, 1880's Photo reprint of Y.M. Langford Photo, burial site of Y.M and Elizabeth Nutt Langford, Little Mound Cemetery, Upshur Co., Texas Photo, Lela Williams Langford and her son & daughter, Jewel P. and Francis Caroline "Carrie" Langford Stegall, ca 1938 Photo, Edna, Francis Franklin (Frank) and their daughter Tennessee Langford, n.d., lived in Marion Co., Ga., Leake Co., Miss., & Upshur Co., Tx. Photo, Rev. Ottis F. Langford, son of P.P. and Lela Langford 1938 Notebook, containing birth and death dates, daily weather recordings and other notes, 1881 kept by Young Marion Langford. Bedside notes for Mrs. Wolfe, 1915 Notebook with birth and death dates belonging to Young Marion Langford 2 partial letters from Emma Nicholas, (in Rusk Co.) ca 1912 to her father Y. M. Langford Letter, Y.M. Langford from Willie Nichols (grandson), October 16, 1911 Letter, Y.M. Langford from Eddie and Lillie Nichols (grandson), October 16, 1911 Postcard, Young Langford from Lester Borolmy, October 21, 1914 Letter, Y.M. Langford from G.W. Nicholas & wife (son-in-law and daughter), January 17, 1916 Partial postcard, 1916 Postcard, Y.M. Langford from Alice Bumdrick (granddaughter), March 10, 1916 Postcard, Y.M. Langford from Elmer Nicholas (daughter), March 1916 Letter, John from Mattie Townsend, Aunt who remained in Mississippi after move by Langfords to Texas in 1870’s, November 8, 1928 Field notes, 25 acres for Y.M. Lankford, Block 6 of Nacogdoches School Lands in Upshur Co. Deed, T.W. Smith to J.A. Wolf, March 11, 1903, Upshur County, Texas
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Young Marion Langford, Personal papers 5 notebooks Bank Statement, 1926 Tax receipts, 1899-1915, Upshur County, Texas Miscellaneous receipts Newspaper clippings
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Family of Y.M. Langford Photo, Ebb Williams and John Blunt (Ebb Williams killed in gun battle in family feud with Rufus Langford family over farm land--was friend of Harvey S. Wade who had this photograph. 2 were killed, one Langford and one Williams.) Photo, Y.M. Langford and two daughters Carrie Stegall and Emma Nichols Photo, Ruby Langford, daughter of Y.M. Langford, married Porter Cumbie Photo, Tom and Georgia Langford, son of Y.M. Langford and Mr. & Mrs A.E. Flowers, (Georgia Langford and Mrs. Flowers were sisters) Photo, Marion C. (Bud) and Hattie Langford, February 1967 in home near Little Mound, Upshur Co., Tx Photo, Jewel P. (Jube) and wife Alma Langford, July 1950 of Carthage, son of P.P. Langford Photo, Mattie Langford Townsend, 1928 (from Mississippi) Photo, Troy Langford, 1971, son of P. P. Langford Photo, Joe and Bonita Brown, daughter of P. P. Langford Photo, Troy A. Langford Family, son of P. P. Langford Photo, Langford reunion, 1967, family of P.P. Langford. Photo, Desdemona Langford, 1900, daughter of Young Marion Langford. Photo, Edna, Francis Franklin (Frank) and Tennessee Langford, brother of Y.M. Langford, all buried at Shady Grove Cemetery, Upshur Co. Negative reprint of George Blair Langford, Photo reprint of female and Abner Langford, Abner was brother of Y.M. Langford and Francis F. Langford.; Lived in Alabama and George Blair was his son. Photo, James Clarence Langford, son of Tom and Georgia Langford, shown in WWI Photo, Troy and Dorcus Langford, son of P.P. Langford Genealogical research on Y.M. Langford family
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Langford Family Photo, Ola Langford, daughter of Thomas Langford and Georgia Photo, Joe and Bonita Langford Brown, daughter of P.P. Langford, lived in Papa, Tx Photo, Sis and Kat, 1916, (Bonita Langford and Katherine Langford, daughters of P.P. Langford), lived in Pampa, Tx. Photo, Rhonda Langford, daughter of P.P. Langford, lived in Pampa, Tx., married Frison Hendrix Photo, Ade Langford, 1919, son of P.P. Langford, lived in Abilene, Tx. (Charles Aaron Langford) Photo, Floy Alice Langford, (1925-2001) daughter of Ruby Langford Cumbie Photo, Frisom and Rhonda Langford Hendrix, daughter of P.P. Langford Photo, W.H. Langford, June 5, 1943, son of Troy Langford, died in WWII battle in France Photo, P.P. Langford Family Reunion, Abilene, Tx., 1986 Photo, Vinnie, Dorcus and W.H. Langford, family of Troy Langford Tax receipts 1885-1940, of ;Young Marion Langford and Thomas Langford, his son Genealogical research
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Pender P. Langford Papers Photo, Rhonda Langford Hendrix, P.P. Langford’s daughter Photo, Langford Family Group, Phillip, Pender, Lela Langford and children Sketches of Langford "Old Homestead", home at Old Calloway of P.P. and Lela Langford sketched by Rev. Ottis F. Langford, son of P.P. Langford Expandable file containing tax receipts, deeds, notes and WPA ID card for Lela Langford Genealogical research
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Lela Alice Williams Langford, 1880-1964 Photo, Lela Williams Langford, daughter of Dr. Benjamin Franklin Photo, O’Byrne Home where Lela Williams lived when left orphaned near Union Grove, Upshur Co., Tx Photo Rhonda and Lela Langford, Lela Williams Langford and daughter Lela, Sis, Kat and Ade langford, 1919 (Lela Williams Langford, Alice Bonita Langford Brown, and Charles Aaron Langford) Homie Hearn, family friend, 1915, Upshur Co. Death and funeral information
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Dr. Benjamin Franklin Williams, 1829-1893 Photo reprint, Dr. Benjamin Franklin Williams, buried Baucus Cemetery, (Near McLeod) Cass Co., Tx. Genealogical research
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Langford family notes
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James Clifton Langford, 1897-1967, son of P.P. Langford & Grandson of Y.M. Langford, of Gilmer, Texas Genealogical research
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James Clifton Langford, 1897-1967 Photos inclue: JONE-Alta LANGFORD-Cliff, Dale, Dorothy (Dot), James C., Lela, Lester Petty, Oris, Rosedyne, Vida PETTY-Mama, T.J. , (Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jefferson Petty Sr.) Old home place at Hopewell, (home of T.J. Petty Sr.) Revival crowd at Langford Memorial Nazarene Church Gilmer, 1950, after founding by Rev. Oris Petty Langford.
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J.C. (Cliff) and Vida Langford Some photographs, J.C. and Vida's Will and newspaper clippings
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James Clifton Langford Cancelled checks and receipts from the Gilmer Nazarene Church
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James Clifton Langford Cancelled checks and receipts from the Gilmer Nazarene Church
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W.H. Langford, 1920-1944, died in action in WW II, World War II information.
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William W. Stegall and Frances Caroline Langford, daughter of Y. M. Langford
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Nutt Family: Genealogical research of William Nutt 1811-1857 family.
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Petty book, "Uncle Walt" by W.B. Cumbie, "Grandma familiarly and affectionately know as Aunt Susan Petty" by James Willis Petty on life of Susan Bearden Petty in Upshur Co., Texas.
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William B. Mathis, 1808, Genealogical research.

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