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Title: Henry Brewer Family Papers, 1820-1987Add to your cart.

ID: A/11

Primary Creator: Brewer, Henry (1776-1865)

Extent: 4.0 Boxes

Subjects: Brewer, Henry, 1776-1865 -- Correspondence, Business records, Family records, Land grants, Land titles, Reconstruction (U.S. history, 1865-1877) -- Texas, United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Sources

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The Henry Brewer Family Papers consist of business, personal, Civil War and Reconstruction correspondence; land grant and title papers; deeds, field notes, and plats; accounts, promissory notes, receipts; testimonials; Baptist Church session minutes and other publications; Brewer Family Bible [too fragile to handle]; and genealogical materials.

Collection Historical Note

According to a family tradition, Henry Brewer first arrived in Texas in 1816, three years after the Magee-Gutierrez Expedition. Settlers from the United States were just beginning to venture back into East Texas, having been driven across the Sabine by the Spanish in 1813. The Nacona Indians had a settlement northwest of Nacogdoches near the base of Flowery Mountain and it was near this peaceable tribe that Henry Brewer supposedly located. However, no supporting documentation for Henry Brewer's presence in Texas has been found prior to 1833, when he bought a tract of land from Joseph Durst.

The 1850 Census for Nacogdoches County indicates that both Henry Brewer and his wife, Susan Mitchell, were natives of North Carolina. They resided for a number of years in Hinds County, Mississippi, where several of their children were born, and a Henry Brewer appears there on a census as late as 1830. His first wife died in 1853, and Brewer married Mrs. Sarah Jane Smith on August 13, 1854. His son, Henry Mitchell Brewer, participated in the Battle of Nacogdoches in 1832 and the Battle of San Jacinto in 1836. Henry Brewer died in Nacogdoches County on January 23, 1865, and was buried in the Brewer Cemetery.

(White, Mrs. Perry L. "Brewer, Henry Family." Nacogdoches County Families. Dallas: Curtis Media Corp., 1985. P. 178; "Henry Brewer Family Papers." East Texas Research Center, Ralph W. Steen Library. Stephen F. Austin State University).

Subject/Index Terms

Brewer, Henry, 1776-1865 -- Correspondence
Business records
Family records
Land grants
Land titles
Reconstruction (U.S. history, 1865-1877) -- Texas
United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Sources

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Repository: East Texas Research Center

Access Restrictions: Open for research.

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Box 2Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Accounts, notes, receipts, no date; no placeAdd to your cart.

1. Baxter, J. W., re $5.00 for Elijah, Undated

2. Boykin, W. L., Nacogdoches, Undated

3. Branch, N. B. - John Brewer, Undated

4. Brewer, Green B., re borrowed money, Undated

5. Brewer, T. J. from... his guardian, Undated

6.  Bright, Simeon, fragment of promissory note, Undated

7. Carns, J. N. - Mr. Brewer, re debt, Undated

8. Davidson & Sutphen, account & receipt, Undated

9.  Dickson, C. - George Brewer, Undated

Folder 2: Accounts, notes, receipts, no date; no place.Add to your cart.

1. Harper, C. & Co. - George Brewer, account, Undated

2. McMillan, G. N., court costs, Undated

3. Kathrens, Samuel - Philip Lively, Undated

4.  Polk, John, promissory note, Undated

5. Prince, Sarah - John Brewer, re wagon & team, Undated

6.  Summers & Watson(?), Grand (Gulf?), Undated (fragment of promissory note)

7. Thompson, Benegalo - Ellen Brewer, Undated

8. Tillman, Thomas - George Brewer, Undated

9. Walters & Elder - Henry Brewer, Undated

Folder 3: FragmentsAdd to your cart.
Accounts, notes on cotton weights, promissory notes, parts of letters on hard times and inability to pay, children, etc. (12 docs.)
Folder 4: Recipes and unidentified signaturesAdd to your cart.

1.  Recipes and unidentified signatures.

2. Unidentified Signatures:

  Lists of notes or accounts owed. (2 docs.)

  Itemized account. (2 docs.)

Folder 5: Account books, 1845- 1864Add to your cart.

1.  Daybook, unidentified. (3 sheets, string tied, 5"x 8")

2.  Daybook, 1853. (pale blue paper, handsewn, worn)

3.  G. W. Brewer's Book, March 1864. (aged, lined paper, handsewn, 2 3/4" x 3 3/4")

4.  Daybook, 1845, John Brewer. (aged, ink faded, handsewn)

Folder 6: Account books, 1832-1880sAdd to your cart.

1.  Landing of Columbus Notebook (daybook) 1832-1838.

2.  Ledger sheets, 1845 & 1850. (very worn)

3.  Notes. n.d. (brown leather binding, 3" x 5")

4.  Regulator Pocket Book used as daybook, owner not known, n.d. (calendar has copyright 1887)

Folder 7: Tax receipts, 1828-1884Add to your cart.

1.  Brewer, E. A. and M. A., 1866, Nacogdoches County.

2.  Brewer, George, 1828-1835, Hinds County, Mississippi. (5 docs.)

3.  Brewer, Henry (Estate), 1884, Nacogdoches County.

Folder 8: Tax receipts of John Brewer, 1840-1861Add to your cart.
Folder 9: Tax receipts of John Brewer, 1861-1870Add to your cart.
Folder 10: Tax receipts of John Brewer, 1873-1887Add to your cart.
Folder 11: Tax receipts of John Brewer, 1887-1905Add to your cart.
Folder 12: Tax receipts, 1844-1894Add to your cart.

1.  Brewer, Robert, 1866-1870, Nacogdoches County. (3 docs.)

2.  Brooks, Thomas D., 1849, Hunt County, Texas.

3.  Howard, E. T., 1844, Nacogdoches County.

4.  Parker, J. F., 1867, Nacogdoches County.

5.  Polk, Joe, 1892-1894, Nacogdoches County. (2 docs.)

Folder 13: Agreements and sales, 1831-1874Add to your cart.

1. Alford, Jesse, sale of slave to George Brewer, 5 August 1837.

2. Carter, Henry, agreement with Benjamin Fuller, 14 February 1867.

3.  Ferrer, Lorenzo, agreement with George Brewer, 27 December 1831.

4. Hardage, Joseph & Muscogee, sale to John Brewer, 12 May 1858. 5.  Howard, James, sale of slave to George Brewer, 31 October 1834.

6.  McLane, Peyton & Lucinda, agreement with John Brewer, 10 December 1874.

7.  McMurry, John, sale of slave to George Brewer, 7 May 1835.

8.  Mansteller, R. H., purchase from Perry Estate & subsequent sale of slave to John Brewer, 9 July 1859.

Folder 14: Court cases, 1836-1837Add to your cart.

1.  Brewer, Henry M., oath from John Brewer, Nacogdoches County, Undated

2.  Bright, Lewis vs. George Brewer, Mississippi, 1836.

3.  Elder, Jordan vs. George Brewer, Mississippi, 1837.

4.  Grand Gulf Railroad and Banking Company, Instrument of Protest, 1837.

5.  Harris & Learned, receipt for fees, 1837.

Folder 15: Estate settlements, 1845-1867Add to your cart.

1. George Brewer estate:

  Guardianship - letter of authorization to Henry Brewer,1845.

  Guardianship - report and petition, Henry Brewer to Court, 1848.

  Document of release, E.T. Howard to Henry Brewer, 1846.

2.  Allen J.Fuller estate:

  Account to John Brewer by M. B. Fuller, 1860-1867.

  Letter to "Tom," giving procedures to follow re John Brewer, Undated

3. Estate- unidentified:

  Itemized account of money received, paid, to whom, 1866-1867.

Folder 16: Deeds & plats, 1838-1851Add to your cart.

1.  Brewer, Clarissa from Henry Brewer, 1838; to Henry Brewer, 1840. (2 docs.)

2.  Brewer grandchildren (sons of George Brewer), from Henry Brewer, 1842.

3.  Brewer, Henry M. from Henry Brewer, 1839.

4.  Brewer, James from Henry Brewer, 1851.

5.  Brewer, John from Henry Brewer, 1840.

6.  Carnes, William to Henry Brewer, headright certificate, 1840. 7.  Brewer's application for patent, 1842.

8.  Campbell, Joseph & Evins from Henry Brewer, 1847.

9.  Howard, Edward T. from Henry Brewer, 1844.

10.  Lively (Philip) estate, John Z. Mathews, adminstrator, to Henry Brewer, 1843.

Folder 17: Deeds, plats, 1834-1869Add to your cart.

1.  Brewer, George - deeds as follows:

  a. Brewer, James & wife, Hinds County, Mississippi, to George Brewer, 1834.

  b. James, Green & wife, Hinds County, Mississippi, to George Brewer, 1834.

  c. Kennedy, James & wife, Copiah County, Mississippi, to George Brewer, 1836.

2.  Brewer, Henry M. to James Brewer, 1840.

3.  Brewer, John - deeds as follows:

  a. Ball, Joseph H. from John Brewer, Hunt County, 1869.   b. Featherston, Charles H. from John Brewer, Hunt County, 1869.

  c. Field notes, portion of Z. Bennet Survey, for John Brewer, 1863.

  d. Mayfield, Sheriff Walter E.C. to John Brewer (Sarah Prince property), 1857.

  e. John Brewer to Henry Brewer, same property, 1859.

4.  Brewer, William H. to Lycurgus S. Roberts & Jacob Davis, 1847.

5.  Plats:

  a. Brewer, John, line drawing, Undated

  b. Starr, James F., Tobar Survey, parts offered for sale, Undated

Folder 18: Letters, business, 1836-1851Add to your cart.

1.  Ferguson, J. A. to George Brewer, 8 January 1838.

2.  Jones, Robert to George Brewer, 2 May 1836.

3.  Smyth, George W. to John Brewer, 11 February 1851.

Folder 19: Letters, business, 1860sAdd to your cart.

1.  Brewer, Bettie J. to "Dear Uncle," 11 November 1867.

2.  Brewer, K(inion?) K(enkrick?) to John Brewer, 17 December 1868.

3.  Brooks, Thomas D. to John Brewer, 11 October 1867 & 22 August 1869. (2 docs.)

4.  Brown, O. Phelps to "Dear Sir," 1 June 1867.

5.  Bruce, S.R. & G. H. to John Brewer, 1 December 1869.

6.  Bullard, Peter to John Brewer, 23 August 1869.

7.  Lynch, James to John Brewer, 4 June 1860.

8.  Taylor, William W. to John Brewer, 13 January 1861.

9.  Wynne, R. E. to French Weatherly, 30 August 1865.

Folder 20: Letters, business, 1870sAdd to your cart.

1.  Ball, J. H. to John Brewer, 6 December 1871.

2.  Brewer, G. W. to "Dear Uncle," 12 May 1870.

3.  Brewer, Henry E. to "Dear Uncle," 25 March 1877.

4.  Bruce, S. R. & G. H. to John Brewer, 1 January 1870.

5.  Garner, Sarah to John Brewer, 23 June 1875.

6.  Murph, Dr. T. J. to John Brewer, 17 March 1873.

7.  Letters, business, 1880s-1890s.

Folder 21: Letters, business, 1880s-1890sAdd to your cart.

1.  Brewer, George W. to Ira F. Parker, 4 March 1883.

2.  Brewer, H. E. to John Brewer, 29 December 1882.

3.  Brewer, H. E. to John Brewer, 25 June 1884.

4.  Brewer, John to Postmaster of Monroe, La., 29 May 1894.

5.  Johnson, Lee to John Brewer, 8 Jan. 1894 & 26 Dec. 1893. (2 docs.)

6.  Walker, J. J. to John Brewer, 19 February 1894.

Folder 22: Letters, business; blank check forms, 1830s, 1900sAdd to your cart.

1.  Brewer, George W. to John Brewer, 5 August 1906.

2.  Gilbert, John to John Brewer, 12 October 1908.

3.  Watson, J.E. to George W. Brewer, 15 November 1938.

4.  Office Commercial and Railroad Bank, Clinton, Mississippi, sheet of blank check forms, 1830s.

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