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By Connie Cluff, 1998

Collection Overview

Title: Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital, 1929-1996Add to your cart.

ID: B/79

Extent: 0.5 Linear Feet

Subjects: Boards of directors -- Records and correspondence, Hospitals -- Texas -- Nacogdoches, Photographs

Forms of Material: Correspondence

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Original handwritten minutes of board and committee meetings, typed transcript of meeting minutes, program for dedication of addition, correspondence, newspaper articles and photos.

Collection Historical Note

Memorial Hospital was built in 1928 and was the first hospital in Nacogdoches, Texas. Funds for the hospital were received when the City of Nacogdoches sold its electrical power plant and the land was a gift from Mrs. Itasca Blount. Its first name was City Memorial Hospital. It had a bed capacity of 28.

Several additions were made to the hospital (1938, 1951, 1954, 1964 and 1976) which increased the bed capacity to 195.

In June of 1967 the Texas Legislature passed House Bill #1248 making it necessary to hold an election to establish the Nacogdoches County Hospital District, which would assume all responsibility, liability and assets from the City of Nacogdoches. Ownership changed hands on May 6, 1968 and the name of the hospital changed to Memorial Hospital and a board of directors was elected. (Information summarized from dedication program of new annex in 1976.)

Subject/Index Terms

Boards of directors -- Records and correspondence
Hospitals -- Texas -- Nacogdoches

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Folder 1: The original hand-written minutes of Memorial Hospital meetings by Dr. Henry Tucker (Board of Managers and Executive Committee), March 26,1929-March 1,1947Add to your cart.
1 item
Folder 2: Typed transcript of Memorial Hospital meeting minutes, transcribed by Brownie Covin, March 26, 1929-March 1, 1947Add to your cart.
1 item
Folder 3: Memorial Hospital open house & annex dedication program/history, Feb. 1, 1976Add to your cart.
4 copies, 4 items
Folder 4: Correspondence, 1976-1981Add to your cart.
39 items - Letter to Mr. Culbertson from Mary A. Horton (January 31, 1976), Response card from Lena Tolbert (March 10,1977).Response card from Odessa Anderson (March 9, 1977),Response card from Adarene Grimes (March 26,1977),Letter to administrator of hospital from Arthur and Stella Gray (August 9,1977),Letter to hospital from James Clyde Coker, Jr. (Sept. 26, 1977), Letter to James Molsbee from Bruce Scoggins (Oct. 19, 1977), Letter to Nurses and staff from Beatrice Oliver (Feb. 8, 1978), Letter to Mr. Molsbee from Mark Zacharias (Feb. 11, 1978), Letter to Mr. James A. Molsbee from George W. Rice (Feb. 16, 1978),Letter to 2 West Station from Cary Benton (Apr. 4, 1978), Letter to Mrs. Buna Furra from James A. Molsbee (April 12, 1978), Letter on back to James A. Molsbee from Mrs. Buna Furra (Apr. 18, 1978 ), Letter to Mr. Molsbee & Memorial Staff from Donna Reid (May 7, 1978), Letter to Mr. Molsbee from Mrs. H. R. Campbell (May 10, 1978), Letter to Mr. Molsbee from Mrs. Truett Hurst (May 10, 1978), Letter to James A. Molsbee from Gertrude Sharp (May 15, 1978), Letter to Mr. James Molsbee from Celie K. Scales (Sept. 7, 1978), Letter to Berl Raborn from James A. Molsbee (Oct. 16, 1978), Letter to Hospital from Edith Loraine Palmer (Nov. 4, 1978), Letter to Samuel O. Blair from James A. Molsbee with response from Wanda Blair (Nov. 6, 1978),Letter to Mr. Molsbee from Norbert M. Gresbach (Nov. 12, 1978), Letter to Mrs. Leroy Kennedy from James A. Molsbee with response from Janice Kennedy (Nov. 13,1978), Letter to Mrs. Billie Graves from Wanda Fennewald (Nov. 14, 1978), Letter to Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Burgess from James A. Molsbee with response (Nov. 20, 1978), Letters to Hospital from Bro. Jim & Lola Cook (Nov. 28, 1978), Letter to Mr. Molsbee from Linda Bridges McKinney (Nov. 28, 1978), Letter to Chief of staff from G. E. Belch (Nov. 28, 1978), Letter to Mr. James A. Molsbee from Mrs. Evelyn A. Casey (Dec. 2, 1978), Letter to Mr. James A. Molsbee from Mrs. Clyde Snyder (Dec. 21, 1978), Letter to Mr. J. A. Molsbee from A. J. Register (Jan. 25, 1979), Letter to Mrs. Edwin Gaston from James A. Molsbee (Feb. 1, 1979). Card to hospital from Peggy George family (Mar. 19, 1979), Letter to Mr. Molsbee from Diane M. Pace (Feb. 12, 1979), Letter to Mr. Molsbee from Mark Fratoni (Mar. 2, 1979), Letter to James A. Molsbee from Cascile W. Lowe (Mar. 3, 1979), Letter to Mrs. Mock & Nursing Office Staff from Elizabeth Swisshelon (Mar. 19, 1979), Letter to Mr. Molsbee from Mike Perry (Mar. 22, 1979), Letter to Ms. Myra Duncan from James A. Molsbee with response from Myra Duncan (Aug. 10, 1981).
Folder 5: Correspondence, undatedAdd to your cart.

Memo to Director of Nursing Services from Brantley.

Letter to Memorial Hospital from The Burroughs.

Card from Robert and Adrienne Hanson.

Letter to Mr. Molsbee from the Harold Jones Family.

Card to Memorial Hospital from Sarah Hightower.

Letter to Mr. Molsbee from Mrs. Glen Reutzel.

Letter to Memorial Hospital from the Winston Family.

Folder 6: Newspaper Articles, datedAdd to your cart.

Secretaries in spotlight, photo (April 21, 1969).

National hospital week observed, 16 p., photos (May 15, 1970).

Nurses and medical records department, photo ( May 15, 1970).

Hospital Week (May 15, 1970).

Engagement and wedding of Debra Carlisle & Richard Parrish, photo (Jan. 20, 1974). [No apparent connection to collection.]

Memorial Hospital budget approved (June 26,1974).

Successful year reported at Memorial (July 24, 1974).

Memorial "Pantaloons," photo (September 29, 1974).

Folder 7: Newspaper copies of "Yesterdays" columns, Nov. 1975-April 1976Add to your cart.
17 Items
Folder 8: Newspaper Articles, datedAdd to your cart.

Thirty-six physicians honored at Medical Center, photo (May 3, 1976).

New administrator at Memorial--James Molsbee, photo (June 10,1976).

Memorial emergency room scene, photo (July 4, 1976).

Dr. Grubb receives honor (May 29, 1977).

New air flow system installed at Memorial Hospital, photo (June 8, 1977).

Rescue training certification given, photo. Memorial has new air filtration system (June 9,1977).

Memorial Hospital adds new equipment (June 10, 1977).

Memorial Coronary care course graduates, photo (June 13, 1977).

Cardiopulmonary department adds new monitor equipment, photo (June 26, 1977).

Cushing ambulance service manned by volunteers, photo (June 29,1977).

Rainbow girls raise funds for project, photo (June 30,1977).

Cushing ambulance service conducts training program, photo (July 3, 1977).

Memorial Hospital receives accreditation (July 7,1977).

Diabetic workshop at Memorial, photo (July 7, 1977).

Cushing citizens enroll in first aid course (July 8, 1977).

Memorial Hospital accepting bids (July 10, 1977).

Nurse aide class at Memorial (July 10, 1977).

Nacogdoches Memorial board of directors meet (July 10, 1977).

Southwest TX area hospital division meet ( July 12, 1977).

Memorial Hospital host for meeting, photo (July 15, 1977).

Program and food spoilage presented (July 16, 1977).

6.9 million dollar budget approved at Memorial (July 20,1977).

Garrison ambulance service gets assist (July 21, 1977).

Memorial Hospital host meeting-Southwest TX, photo (July 24, 1977).

Hospital districts tax rate unchanged, photo (July 24, 1977).

Garrison ambulance service (July 26, 1977).

Diabetic Workshop (July 28, 1977).

Diabetic Workshop to be sponsored by Memorial (July 29, 1977).

Diabetic Workshop (July 29, 1977).

Memorial shows growth (July 29, 1977).

Folder 9: Newspaper Articles, datedAdd to your cart.

Twenty-seven students attend Coronary Care Course, photo (Aug. 2, 1977).

Memorial's X-ray work to go to one physician ( August 17, 1977).

Closed staff policy questioned (Aug. 18, 1977).

Filipino nurses bring their skills to new jobs, (Aug. 28, 1977).

Letters to the editor (Aug. 29, 1977).

Blood pressure clinic by the Junior Forum, photo (Sept. 14, 1977).

Junior Forum holds blood pressure clinic (Sept. 16, 1977).

Hospital board meets (Sept. 19, 1977).

Physicians question exclusive contracts (Sept. 21, 1977).

Hospital's contract policy (Sept. 25, 1977).

Letter of thanks from Troy R. Lilly (Sept. 28, 1977.

Letter to editor from Mrs. Brownie Covin (Sept. 30, 1977).

Blood donor drive slated at Memorial, photos (Oct. 2 & 4, 1977).

Three doctors claim hospital plan unethical, confusing (Oct. 3, 1977).

Letter to editor to Mr. Fain from Frances Ruple (October 6,1977).

Newcomers Club hears Mrs. Kenneth Lewis, photo (Oct. 8, 1977).

Hospital employee retirement plan (Oct. 10, 1977).

Blood drive badges, "I'm Somebody Special," given to 1st 200, photo (Oct. 13, 1977).

Altrusa Club benefit supper slated Friday, photo (Oct. 25, 1977).

Memorial Hospital cited by state group (Oct. 28, 1977).

Pink Parlor hair salon, photo (Nov. 7, 1977).

Receiving keys to Pink Parlor salon, photo (Nov. 9, 1977).

Hospital board to purchase equipment, photo (Nov. 17, 1977).

Memorial cited as "An industrious institution." (Nov. 17, 1977).

Master plan drawn for Memorial (Nov. 20, 1977).

Thanks from Horace K. Thomas ( Dec. 1, 1977).

Operation Christmas Greeting at Memorial ( Dec. 6, 1977).

Cushing News, "What Do You Think" ( Dec. 9, 1977).

Final rites for Dr. Stephen B. Tucker. Jerrie Bentons wins 2nd Physical Therapy Aide Contest, photo (Dec. 14, 1977).

Operation Christmas Greeting, photo ( Dec. 15, 1977).

Memorial Fund for Dr. Tucker being planned ( Dec. 15, 1997).

Operation Christmas Greeting, photo ( Dec. 16, 1977).

Stephen B. Tucker Memorial Fund, photo ( Dec. 17, 1997).

Mrs. Harris Karns of Lubbock visits Memorial Hospital, photo ( Dec. 20, 1977).

Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital Auxiliary ( Dec. 23, 1977).

Christmas tree decorated with hospital supplies, photo ( Dec. 25, 1977).

Memorials Christmas party, photo ( Dec. 25, 1977).

Christmas gifts presented to James Molsbee & family, photo ( Dec. 25, 1977).

Folder 10: Newspaper Articles, datedAdd to your cart.

Matthew Mullis - First baby of the New Year, photo ( Jan 6, 1978).

SW Div. of TX Hospital Assoc. presents $500 check, photo (Jan 9, 1978).

A giant step backward ( Jan 12, 1978).

James Molsbee speaker at Kiwanis Club, photo (Jan. 27, 1978).

Max Himel, M.D. announces opening of practice (Feb. 21, 1978).

Three incumbents, one challenger file for posts (Feb. 27, 1978).

El Camino Real Chapter awards scholarship (March 2, 1978).

Hospital board to meet (March 4, 1978).

Memorial to expand kidney dialysis (March 5, 1978).

One day left for candidates to file for elections (March 6, 1978).

Memorial renovation expansion approved (March 7, 1978).

Hospital board incumbents challenged (March 8, 1978).

Mrs. Edith Whitehead gives puppet to Edward Hawkins Jr., photo (March 10, 1978).

Memorial Hospital board planning major expansion (March 12, 1978).

Mrs. Edith Whitehead gives puppet to Melissa Fitzgerald, photo (March 12, 1978).

Plans for expansion and renovation (March 15, 1978).

Five challenges in hospital board race (March 26, 1978).

Front line vehicles for emergency service and election for hospital, photo (March 26, 1978).

Hospital board incumbents re-elected (April 2, 1978).

Memorial Hospital and Nacogdoches Treatment Center volunteers praised (April 4, 1978).

Charles Bright re-elected to head board (April 4, 1978).

Diabetic workshop set, advertisement to vote Betty Culbreath (April 6, 1978).

Letters to the editor (April 6, 1978).

Today's hospital care--it's a whole different ball game (April 6, 1978).

Four doctors to be removed from courtesy staff and placed on consultant staff (April 19, 1978).

Dr. Larry L. Walker inducted in Texas Surgical Society, photo (April 9, 1978).

Nacogdoches County hospital district files answer to lawsuit against Dr. William A. Jones (April 20, 1978).

Revised HEW hospital guidelines pondered (April 23, 1978).

Civil lawsuit filed against the hospital (April 24, 1978).

Memorial Hospital Auxiliary officers for 1978-79 (April 27, 1978).

Folder 11: Newspaper Articles, datedAdd to your cart.

Rev. Gilham Chaplain at Memorial, photo (May 3, 1978).

Hours given to hospital by volunteers, photo (May 3, 1978).

Hospital board re-employs Rauscher Pierce Securities (May 3, 1978).

Committee Chairman for the year, photo (May 8, 1978).

Total cooperation pays off during emergency (May 15, 1978).

Doctors required to treat E. R. patients before transferring to other locations, photo (May 17, 1978).

Thanks to Mr. Victor Fain from Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Hopson (May 18, 1978).

Grateful Dots & Dashes (May 18, 1978).

Drawings in your medical friends coloring book (May 24, 1978).

Children's Drawing Contest, photo (May 26, 1978).

Eulogy for Dr. Stephen B. Tucker (May 30, 1978).

Fetal monitor at Memorial, photo (June 5, 1978).

Purchase of new x-ray machine and cardiac diagnostic equipment (June 21, 1978).

Dot & Dashes; Hospital anniversary (June 22, 1978) entire paper.

Designation of June 18-25 as Memorial Hospital week, photo (June 22, 1978).

Memorial Hospital celebrates 50th anniversary, photos (June 22, 1978).

Mayor A. L. Magnum signs proclamation, photo (June 22, 1978).

Daily Sentinel of various subjects-duplicates with photos (June 22, 1978).

Dr. A. L. Nelson and Dr. R. E. Hanson in observance, photo (June 23, 1978).

Dr. A .L. Nelson and Dr. R. E. Hanson in observance, photo (June 23, 1978).

50th anniversary cake at the dedication/appreciation services, photo (June 26,1978).

Mrs. Myrtle Randall recognized, photo (June 26, 1978).

Memorial Hospital honored Dr. R. E. Hanson & Dr. A. L. Nelson, memoriam, and pictures of board members presented, photo (June 26, 1978).

Dr. R. E. Hanson & Dr. A. L. Nelson presented gifts, photo (June 26, 1978).

Memorial Hospital 50th anniversary--launches balloon, photo (June 27, 1978).

Launching balloons at hospital's 50th anniversary (June 27, 1978).

Winners in Memorial Hospital's children's drawing contest (June 28, 1978).

Folder 12: Newspaper Articles, datedAdd to your cart.

Memorial Hospital Beautification Award (July 2, 1978).

Hospital district board votes to cut taxes 10% (July 19, 1978).

Faculty and staff at SFA undergoing safety training, photo (Aug. 2, 1978).

Dr. Jerry Rogers announce the opening of his office, photo (Aug. 9, 1978).

Memorial Hospital auxiliary donates a treadmill , photo (Aug. 10, 1978).

Food service personnel in training, photo (Aug. 16, 1978).

Purchase of new equipment approved (Aug. 16, 1978).

Gary McElwee, head of department of radiology, photo (Aug. 20, 1978).

Handling of hazardous materials being studied, photo (Aug. 21, 1978).

Kenneth Barton receives plaque from James Molsbee, photo (Aug. 31, 1978).

Mt. Enterprise E.M.T.'s receive plaque, photo (Sept. 7, 1978).

Lectures planned (Sept. 7, 1978). 108 pink ladies get visit from Mrs. Dallas Baker, photo (Sept. 10, 1978).

Billie Graves named patient relations representative, photo (Sept. 10, 1978).

Dr. F. Barry Roberts speaks on "Parenting, A Lost Art," photo (Sept. 11, 1978).

Hours of service given by volunteers, photos (Sept. 13, 1978).

Dr. F. Barry Roberts announces opening of office, photo (Sept.14, 1978).

Proposed property exchange postponed (Sept. 20, 1978).

Green light for Memorial (Sept. 21, 1978).

Dr. William Matthew Lowe lectures on the importance of the female examination (Sept. 22, 1978).

Dr. William Matthew Lowe speaks on the importance of female examination, photo (Sept. 27, 1978).

Dr. Jerry Rogers speaks on "Uro-genital diseases of the adult male," photo (Oct. 12, 1978).

Panel blocks hospital plan (Oct. 13, 1978).

Annual coffee honoring the staff, photo (Oct. 18, 1978).

Hospital board okays contracts (Oct. 18, 1978).

Folder 13: Newspaper Articles, datedAdd to your cart.

U.S. Forest service personnel participate in emergency first aid seminar, photo (April 6, 1979).

Incumbents win in hospital district--Charles Bright, Earl Elliot, and Norman Anderson (April 8, 1979).

Hospital director administers oath of office to three members of board, photo (April 10, 1979).

Memorial Hospital board introduces Ronnie Horn, new financial director (April 18, 1979).

Gift presented to Mrs. Jean Baker at Memorial Hospital awards banquet, photo (April 26, 1979).

Memorial Hospital volunteer service was given--1500 hours, photo (April 27, 1979).

Memorial Hospital awards given for 2,000 and 1,000 volunteer hours, photo (May 2, 1979).

Memorial Hospital awards for volunteer services, photo (May 6, 1979).

Emergency medical procedures are carefully contemplated by employees of international paper, photo (May 10, 1979).

Memorial Hospital board hears several business reports also card of thanks from Gayle Adkison and Woody Williams families (May 16, 1979).

Memorial Hospital auxiliary to purchase wheelchair. Ambulance problem studied (May 17, 1979).

Dr. Robert Emile Hanson (veteran doctor) dies (May 23, 1979). Memorial employees plan picnic (May 26, 1979).

Memorial Hospital give cash awards to employee with ideas on how to improve patient care and save money, photo (May 27, 1979).

Memorial Hospital out-patient surgery gains popularity; Anesthesiologist demonstrates to small patient, photo (May 27, 1979).

Memorial Day "buddy" poppy pin were made for Memorial Hospital patients, photo (May 28, 1979).

Memorial Hospital auxiliary attends convention. thank you card from the Katie Davidson family (June 20, 1979).

Nac. County hospital district approves $8.4 million budget; Dr. Hanson honored by board (June 20, 1979).

Memorial Hospital holds a barbecue, photo (June 24, 1979).

Memorial Hospital medical staff officers, photo (July 8, 1979).

Local blood bank to operate soon in Nacogdoches (July 14, 1979).

Memorial Hospital helps administer two new units for ambulance service, photo (July 16, 1979).

Craig Copeland gets bit by snake during SFA class report, photo (July 17, 1979).

Mr. & Mrs. Ross Greger shown with new son, photo; Nacogdoches county hospital district votes for tax cut (July 18, 1979).

Memorial Hospital defendants file countersuit against Dr. William A. Jones (July 19, 1979).

Memorial Hospital news (July 19, 1979).

Nacogdoches County blood bank planned (July 19, 1979).

Memorial Hospital establish new charter for the Betty Baker Memorial Foundation, photo (July 23, 1979).

Announcement of David D. Sanderson, M. D. in association with the Nacogdoches Bone and Joint Clinic, P.A. (August 7,1979).

Completion of new medical complex on Mound St. set for Nov. 15, photo (August 17, 1979).

Nacogdoches County hospital board okays pay hike; What's going on. Pathologists disagree. Overuse of antibiotics (August 22, 1979).

A new videotape machine was presented to Memorial Hospital, photo (September 7, 1979).

Rainbow girls presents donation to Memorial Hospital auxiliary. Hospital groups file suit, photo (September 13, 1979).

Pride is evident in Memorial Hospital chemotherapy unit, photo (September 16, 1979).

James Molsbee presents a check to Scott McElwee to sponsor a soccer team on behalf of Memorial Hospital, photo; Letter to the editor (September 21, 1979).

Equipment purchase approved by board for Memorial Hospital (September 26, 1979).

Memorial Hospital auxiliary were presented awards for service, photo (September 27, 1979).

Folder 14: Newspaper Articles, datedAdd to your cart.

Reunion at Memorial Hospital between Mrs. Carolyn Covington Coslett and Mrs. Vesta Harris Owen, photo (October 3, 1979).

Registered Nurses graduating from Memorial Hospital. Individual exercise programs being prepared, photo (October 3, 1979).

Emergency service will be expanded at Memorial Hospital, photo (October 9, 1979).

Stewart blood center van to be at Memorial Hospital, photo. Hospital officials cheered by Texas Legislative action. Nac. Police investigate two accidents. Healthy heart needs more than exercise. Hospital meeting rescheduled (October 19, 1979).

Memorial to open hospital bids--$5.5 million project planned (October 21, 1979).

Hospital auxiliary volunteers donate defibrillator, photo (October 24, 1979).

Bids on Memorial Hospital project higher than expected. Lamp-Lite Theater to open "The Heiress," photo (October 25, 1979).

Special Care Unit at Memorial Hospital accepts check for defibrillator paddle rack, photo (October 28, 1979).

Memorial Hospital has expanded visitor parking facilities (October 30, 1979).

Benny Simms appointed to board of directors of the Nacogdoches County hospital district, photo (November 3, 1979).

Gov. William Clements will help break grounds at Memorial's expansion. Medical Center Hospital plans health fair. Hospital board advertise for bond sale (November 4, 1979).

Grounds broken at Memorial Hospital, plaques awarded to Dr. James G. Taylor, Dr. A. Langston Nelson, & to the family of late Dr. Robert E. Hanson. Tight security after telephone threat to Governor, photos (November 8, 1979).

Medical Center Hospital & Memorial Hospital will sponsor a health fair (November 15, 1979).

Approximately 300 residents attend health fair sponsored by hospitals, photo (November, 25, 1979).

Memorial Hospital speaker bureau starts (December 9, 1979).

Stanley R. Roberts--kidney transplant patient, photo. Thank you notes to Memorial Hospital (December 10, 1979).

Memorial Hospital speakers bureau started. $7.8 million in revenue bonds (December 12, 1979).

Nacogdoches County hospital district transfers ambulance to Cushing (December 19, 1979).

Thank you note for Memorial Hospital administer and staff (December 21, 1979).

Memorial Hospital valuable gift--defibrillator, photo (December 30, 1979).

Contribution to Memorial Hospital in memory of Dr. R. E. Hanson, photo (December 24, 1979).

Memorial Hospital seasons greetings (December 24, 1979).

Altrusa Club donates $450 to Molly Sublett Tucker Memorial Medical Library, photo (January 9, 1980).

Toyya Edward will graduate from PJC, photo (January 9, 1980).

Bond plan O.K.'d for hospital project (January 9, 1980).

Memorial Hospital to expand emergency services (January 13, 1980).

Memorial Hospital begins new ER system (January 17, 1980).

Card of thanks to Memorial Hospital from the family of Cecilia Cloudy (January 18, 1980).

Health care was topic of discussion at Nacogdoches County Chamber of Commerce third Thursday luncheon, photo (January 18, 1980).

Memorial Hospital retains emergency physicians of San Leandro, CA, photo (January 20, 1980).

Memorial Hospital recruits physicians for emergency service (January 20, 1980).

Memorial Hospital advertisement (January 21, 1980).

Nacogdoches County hospital district approves purchase of blood platelet counter in Memorial Hospital, photo (January 23, 1980).

Physicians testify in injury suit (January 23, 1980).

Memorial Hospital is donated a portable monitor defibrillator by Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Vaught, photo (January 24, 1980).

Dr. Steen collapses, suffers cardiac arrest and Memorial Hospital EMT's administer cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, photo (January 25, 1980).

Memorial Hospital Auxiliary couples aid staff and patients, photo (January 25, 1980).

Memorial Hospital controversy goes to federal court (January 25, 1980).

Dr. Jorgenson inducted as a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (January 28, 1980).

Cushing volunteer ambulance service accepts high top ambulance, photo (January 31, 1980).

Memorial Hospital gains emergency doctors (February 5, 1980).

Memorial Hospital adds children's waiting room, photo (February 7, 1980).

Dr. William A. Jones vs. Memorial Hospital testimony begins in lawsuit photo (February 7, 1980).

G. W. Jones teaches lifesaving techniques, photo. Thank you card (February 11, 1980).

East Texas perinatal workshop offered. Hospital board of education called, photo. Pancake supper, photo (February 20, 1980).

Card of thanks to Memorial Hospital (February 28, 1980).

Heart seminar held, photo (February 29, 1980).

Folder 15: Newspaper Articles, datedAdd to your cart.

Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders will lead superwalk (March 3, 1980).

The Altrusa Club gives a donation to the East Texas Blood Bank, photo (March 3, 1980).

Candidates for board of directors on Nacogdoches hospital district (March 5, 1980).

Memorial Hospital receives grant from U. S. Department of Energy (March 10, 1980).

Jim D. Love candidate for hospital post (March 11, 1980).

Hospital auxiliary and Nac. Mother's Club donates bilimeter to nursery at Memorial (March 12, 1980).

Memorial Hospital earns certificate from American Hospital Association (March 13, 1980).

Memorial Hospital auxiliary hears student, photo (March 16, 1980).

Memorial Hospital update--progress report given (March 19, 1980).

Memorial Hospital first responsible course, photo (March 26, 1980).

Love offering presented to the Memorial chemotherapy department, photo (March 27, 1980).

Memorial Hospital purchase equipment, photo (March 30, 1980).

East Texas Blood Center to open May 5 (March 30, 1980).

Bobby Bizzell, Jim D. Love, Benny Simms, & Patricia Mast, all candidates for the hospital board race, photo (April 1, 1980).

Architect's drawing of Nacogdoches Diagnostic Center (April 2, 1980).

Advertisement to vote Jim D. Love for Nac. County Hospital board (April 5, 1980).

Nacogdoches diagnostic center expansion, photo (April 13, 1980).

Memorial Hospital record month in vote census and revenue (April 16, 1980).

Gary Lunch looks over catalog of required equipment with Wilma McVay, photo (April 20, 1980).

Memorial Hospital security guards purchase Easter bunny for 1st child born on Easter or afterwards, photo (April 20, 1980).

Memorial Hospital auxiliary honors 61 members at banquet, photo (April 22, 1980).

East Texas Blood Center, Gary Lynch checks new blood bank, and oversees blood donor, Tony Rector, photos (April 23, 1980).

East Texas Blood Center opens temporarily on May 5, photo (April 24, 1980).

Advertisement of grand opening ceremony of the East Texas Blood Center (April 27, 1980).

Memorial Hospital auxiliary new officers, and awards banquet, photos (April 30, 1980).

Memorial Hospital auxiliary awards banquet. Top auxiliary awards and first service pins, photo (April 30, 1980).

East Texas Blood Center opens, photo (May 6, 1980).

Gary Lynch examines East Texas Blood Center's new blood refrigerator, photo (May 8, 1980).

Work continues on construction and renovation of Memorial Hospital, photo (May 9, 1980).

Nac. Mayor, A. L. Mangham, Jr. became first official blood donor at East Texas Blood Center ( May 9, 1980).

Erica Hairston receives a booster shot from her mother Carla Hairston at the immunization clinic in Martin Cafeteria -TJR, photo (May 11, 1980).

National hospital week celebrated, photo (May 11, 1980).

Memorial Hospital auxiliary volunteers purchase a defibrillator for Memorial Hospital, photo (May 11, 1980).

"We're America's Health Team" is the theme adopted For National hospital, photo (May 14, 1980).

Nacogdoches Rotary Club donates $1000 to the new East Texas Blood Center, photo (May 15, 1980).

East Texas Blood Center responded to critical need for Blood (May 22, 1980).

Tree on Memorial Hospital grounds struck by lightening, photo (May 22, 1980).

Memorial Hospital gave camp physicals to twenty-seven scouts at the East Texas Blood Center, photo (May 22, 1980).

Folder 16: Newspaper Articles, datedAdd to your cart.

Memorial Hospital offers free pre-natal and Lamaze classes (June 1, 1980).

Fredonia Rotary Club presents check for $500, photo (June 4, 1980).

Memorial Hospital will offer free pre-natal and Lamaze classes (June 5, 1980).

East TX Blood Center collects 87 pints of blood at Nacogdoches High School, photo (June 19, 1980).

Steve Gary Lynch and Steve Spradley display sign for the East Texas Blood Center. Jaycees donate blood, photo (June 20, 1980).

Funds for single channel electrocardiograph donated by Xi Gamma Tau, photo (June 22, 1980).

Nacogdoches medical staffs to increase sharply (June 22, 1980).

Dr. Bob Stout gives blood to the East Texas Blood Center, photo (June 23, 1980).

LouElla Head & Cookie Bussa talk about dinner held at Memorial Hospital (July 3, 1980).

Pearl Kerr, Dicey Adkison, & Mary Alice Lunsford discuss dining at Memorial Hospital Blood Bank (July 3, 1980).

Dr. Glenn Bill Williams wins physique title, photo (July 6, 1980).

East Texas Blood Center completes second month Bloodmobile, photo (July 6, 1980).

Lula Noble apologizes for absence; Katie Beavers talks about hospital meeting (July 6, 1980).

Mary Alice Lunsford and Mrs. W. O. Watkins talk about Memorial Hospital dinner (July 6, 1980).

Memorial Hospital gets CPR doll; Pearl Kerr and Lucille Halbert talk about Memorial Hospital, photo (July 6, 1980).

Donald E. Cagle, M. D. and Thomas H. Vaughan, Jr.,M.D. announce practice at Diagnostic Center (July 6, 1980).

East TX Blood Center fills real need--Gary Lynch speaker, photo (July 10, 1980).

Nacogdoches County aids new blood center (July 11, 1980).

Memorial Hospital fund drive committee, photo (July 17, 1980).

Memorial Hospital gets a courier car donated by the Lions Club, photo (July 18, 1980).

Memorial Hospital medical staff officers, photo (July 30, 1980).

Family of Patsy & Matt Olen Bentley thank Memorial Hospital staff (July 26, 1980).

Memorial Hospital construction of 2 new floors, photo (July 24, 1980).

Memorial Hospital -12 physicians welcomed (August 2, 1980).

New physicians at Memorial, photos (August 3, 1980).

Memorial Hospital sued by Tommy Wayne Johnson (August 12, 1980).

Hospital sets Lamaze and prenatal classes (Aug. 13, 1980).

Patricia Mast chosen new hospital board president, photo (July 23, 1986).

Nacogdoches hospital board votes twice with same outcome for officers for the coming year (May 29, 1996).

Folder 17: Newspaper Articles, undatedAdd to your cart.

Memorial Hospital receives McGraw-Edison Donation, photo.

50th Anniversary of Memorial Hospital volunteers, photo.

Memorial chosen for Beautification Award, photo.

Memorial to celebrate anniversary.

Garrison Lions homecoming and carnival dedication, photo.

Memorial Hospital accredited.

Humphreys chosen hospital chaplain, photo.

Memorial Hospital David Koonce accepts post, photo.

Donation to the East TX Blood Center, photo.

Memorial Hospital offers free Lamaze class.

March of Dimes Team Walk participants, photo.

Advertisement to elect Jim Love to Hospital board.

Advertisement to re-elect Patricia Mast, Bobby Bizzell, Benny Simms, & James G. Taylor to Hospital board, photo.

Folder 18: Photos, undatedAdd to your cart.
The original City Memorial Hospital, two copies 2 Items
Folder 19: Medical Journal, May, 1958Add to your cart.
Southern Hospitals, Vol. XXVI, No. 5, May, 1958, with City Memorial Hospital on cover. 1 Item


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