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Records Management

The University is required to adhere to state laws and regulations for the management of its state records. All university records, including copies and regardless of medium, created by or received by an office or employee in connection with the normal course of business are considered state records. Certain inactive records are retained to meet legal and fiscal requirements or future administrative needs, or because of historical significance. Department heads are responsible for the management of their department's records, including the records of all staff and faculty within their departments. In managing their records, they should adhere to the following guidelines.

SFASU Records Management Policy and Retention Schedule

  • Records Retention Policy, 2.9 - PDF
  • Records Retention Schedule (RSS) - PDF

Forms and Instructions

  • Records Disposal Log: Used to document the destruction of university records. PDF
  • Instructions for Disposal Log: PDF
  • Records Coordinator Designation Form: PDF
  • Records Inventory: Used to assist departments in the identification of their records. Excel document (.xlsx}
    Records Inventory Instructions: PDF

For assistance, please contact:
Will Honea
Box 13055, SFA Station
Nacogdoches, TX 75962
Phone: (936) 468-5369
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