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ScholarWorks is software that provides open access to faculty and student research, and showcases scholarly activities at SFA.

  • It provides worldwide visibility of research.
  • It unifies sources in a single location.
  • It highlights faculty and student works, research projects, and publications.

ScholarWorks is optimized for Internet search engines. Individuals can find ScholarWorks any time by searching for ScholarWorks SFA in Google. The site presents works from peer reviewed journal articles, conferences, journals, research projects, and galleries.

In ScholarWorks, each college and department has a place for faculty articles and presentations. By providing a stable URL and open access to faculty articles, ScholarWorks increases the visibility and research impact of faculty work.

The ScholarWorks software was designed by a company company that was previously an electronic journal publisher. It provides a platform for tracking the entire journal management and peer review process. ScholarWorks can also host collections of pictures and artistic works, as well as faculty research communities. ScholarWorks also has the ability to geotag research that has a significant geographic component, and displays the tagged locations on Google maps as well as on Google Earth.