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Journal Publishing

Through ScholarWorks the Center for Digital Scholarship (CDS) actively promotes and assists in the development of scholarly e-journal publishing. The CDS partners with Digital Commons, the developer of ScholarWorks, to provide this journal hosting service. This service is open to all faculty and students of the SFA community.

Publishing with Digital Commons

An e-journal hosted on ScholarWorks through Digital Commons is customizable in respect to design, layout and management. Some of the possible customizations and features include:

  • Design: header, logos and color schemes
  • Layout: location of sidebars and links
  • Peer-review support, submissions management and notifications
  • Journal management tools and procedures

CDS Support

Through this hosting service, the CDS offers support to SFA faculty members and students in their pursuit of open access scholarship. Our mission in doing so is not only to disseminate SFA scholarship to a global audience but in the process also to build collaborative relationships across campus and to enhance the university’s contribution to the greater academic community.

The CDS will assist you in the development of your e-journal, offering guidance and advice on any issue you may have. Direct any questions or comments to Phil Reynolds, (936) 468-1453, preynolds@sfasu.edu.