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As a service to the SFA community, the library provides the opportunity to post university-focused announcements on a flat screen in the lobby of the Library.

In order to make this process timely and successful, please provide us with the following:

  • Announcements should be submitted via email in the following format: JPEG (.jpg) 1360 pixels (width) by 768 pixels (height) and RGB color format.
  • Images will rotate at 5 second intervals; keep your narrative brief.
  • Requests must be provided at least two weeks in advance of the posting.
  • Events will be posted up to seven days prior to the event and will be withdrawn once the event is concluded. Announcements will be posted for the number of days requested by the requester for up to 14 days.
  • Requests must include requestor's name, email, and phone number.

Think of the TV screen ads in the same way you would think about billboards you see going down the highway. All billboards require that they have great eye-catching graphics, large easy to read fonts, and a catchy tagline with a short description or link to more information that you can read in 8 seconds or less. If it's more than 5-8 seconds, we have usually passed the billboard in our car or our eyes have moved to watching for the next upcoming sign or object(s) on the road. The only time we have time to look more closely at the content on the billboard is if we are stopped or idling in traffic (or in this case, stopped in front of the TV screen waiting for the ad to come back around.)

The Web Services Department reserves the right to deny any request deemed to be inappropriate for the display. Appeals of the decision may be submitted to the library director.

Submit all requests and questions via the TD ticket system page located here. (or from the help.sfasu.edu homepage, login and go to "Service Catalog, Library Services, then Digital Advertising and submit the form there.) Students: please contact your student organization representative to have them request the graphic be added to the screens (using the link above).