Weekly Appointments

Weekly Appointments

Weekly appointments are available as either Learning Teams or 1:1 depending on subject and course. Both methods offer individualized learning on the aspect of the curriculum the student(s) choose to focus on. Learning Teams consist of 3-4 students from the same course who work with a coach (peer tutor) to increase understanding. When you arrive at the AARC, check in at the Welcome Desk!

You can sign up during Open Enrollments:

  • January 17 & 18
  • February 14 & 15
  • March 21 & 21.

Weekly Appointments can be terminated for:

  • Not showing up for first appointment.
  • Not calling to cancel.
  • Not attending 2 out of 3 sessions.
  • Not staying for duration.
  • Cancelling 4 sessions.

If you ever need to cancel a weekly appointment, call 936 468 4108.