Student Resources

Grammar and Punctuation Guide

Polish your papers with this handy reference guide to common grammar and punctuation errors. Here you will find directions on how to find and fix the writing errors that turn up most often in student papers. The guide also features interactive exercises and games that will help you master writing correctly. Develop and polish the skills now that you will need in all of your classes and throughout your career!

Formatting & References

This handy reference guide provides directions and examples of the 3 research paper styles commonly assigned at SFA - APA, Chicago, and MLA. Here you will find in-text citation AND endpage samples to ensure you cite all your resources correctly and avoid plagiarism! The guide also discusses how to properly ​incorporate research from paraphrasing to quotes and provides sample formats to some other commonly assigned texts as well.

Smartest Man Video

AARC Overview: Smartest Man in the World
Stop and watch this hilarious video explaining AARC services. Stay Strong Jacks!

Glue for your Brain: Learning Strategies
Learn how to get lots of information to stick in your brain!

GPA Calculator
Calculate your GPA with this GPA calculator. It is designed to provide an estimated calculation of your GPA based on the information entered. This calculator does not provide an official GPA or record of your grades. Your official cumulative GPA is included in your official transcript, which can be accessed through mySFA Online Services. Please speak to your advisor or Registrar's office if you have any questions regarding your official GPA.

Study Skills Diagnostics
This diagnostic is intended to get you thinking about the differences in high school and college level study skills. College students need a new set of learning tools to do well with college level academics. Use the results from this diagnostic to help you discover what new information you need to earn high grades in college. Utilize your campus learning center, learning skills classes, and learning skills workshops to learn the best ways to understand, learn and remember course content and earn A's in the least amount of time.

Subject-specific Resources

Anatomy & Physiology I
Anatomy & Physiology II

Chemistry 111/133
Chemistry 134

These supplemental videos have been linked from external sources and are intended only to complement your own study materials. Please do not rely on these videos as your only source of reference. While we review each video for correctness, they may still contain errors. Defer to your Professor or course textbooks in cases of discrepancy. Report any errors to the Program Director listed as the contact.