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The AARC offers a variety of self-service support options for students along with our award-winning coaching from highly-trained tutors. Whether it’s a new approach to a quick check, we have the tools you need to succeed available 24/7!



Need a final review of your paper? Submit your paper to the Online Writing Lab OWL in D2L for quick online feedback. Writing Tutors will check for basic paper structure and grammar to identify types of errors. Allow 48 hours for response.

Study Skills Diagnostics

Where do you need to make a change to be successful?

Study Skill Diagnostics


Please note - Supplemental videos have been linked from external sources and can only complement your own study materials, not replace the professor, class, or course textbook.

Glue for your Brain: Proven Learning Strategies

Learn how to get lots of information to stick in your brain!

Glue For Your Brain

GPA Calculator

Estimate your GPA with this calculator. For an official GPA or record of your grades or any questions regarding your official GPA, please your advisor, the Registrar's office, or your official transcript, which can be accessed through mySFA Online Services.