Academic Assistance and Resource Center (AARC)

Texas Star Award, CRLA Certified, NADE Distinguished certification
Do it now, do it often!



The AARC is an award-winning learning center creating transformative learning experiences for both tutor and client.

  • The AARC recruits and trains high-performing students to tutor at-risk and off-path students in high-risk courses.
  • The AARC provides intervention via weekly appointments, walk-in tables, supplemental Instruction (SI) groups, an on-line writing lab, and in-class workshops.
  • The AARC tracks the effectiveness of its programs and utilizes this assessment to improve students’ content deficiencies and to develop the self-regulation that transforms student learning for positive outcomes such as retention, graduation, and life-long learning. 


"I love the AARC! The tutors always help with my English papers. I plan to come back for every paper I write. :)"